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This Guy Tweeted A Heartfelt Story About How A Chance Meeting With Shah Rukh Khan Changed His Life

"Not many people will get to spend as much time as I did in the company of a legend like SRK, so I feel compelled to report his decency."

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Ahmad told BuzzFeed that he first had the chance to meet Khan while the latter was filming Ra.One.

Shahid Kamal Ahmad

While there, Ahmad pitched creating a Ra.One game and and how they could bring it to PlayStation for the Indian market.


"What I learned about the man from this meeting was that he is incredibly focussed, that every minute is accounted for, but when he is with you, he is with you, totally present. You have to understand, as an experienced guy with a big ego, that was difficult for me to admit. Every minute was accounted for, but he was not distracted in any of those minutes. That is when I learned that I didn’t know what it meant to be busy, and I didn’t know what it meant to be present, but Shah Rukh did," he added.

"From that point on, I knew that if I wanted to be successful, I had to work as hard as SRK, to live and be present in every moment like SRK, to be kind and courteous and humble and patient like SRK."


"I’d like to thank Shah Rukh for transforming my life from the lazy, arrogant guy I was to someone prepared to work harder than I imagined possible, to be kind, to listen, to be present and focussed and to live life with passion and an attitude of service," Ahmad told BuzzFeed.

Andre Borges is a social news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Mumbai.

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