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21 Things Everyone Does On Facebook But Will Probably Never Admit Out Loud

It's chill, we're all the same.

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1. Gotten too excited after meeting someone, and sent them a friend request after literally one interaction.

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2. Or worse, never actually meeting them IRL, but adding them because of common friends.

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3. Clicking left on someone's profile picture to see their transformation over the years.

Andre Borges

4. Looking up someone's entire profile when you realise they've gotten wayyy hotter with time.

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5. Liking the same pages as your crush even though you don't care about even a single one.

Andre Borges

6. Stalking someone's profile, and then liking a post of theirs from six years ago.

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7. Scrolling all the way down to the start of someone's profile to see what nonsense statuses they used to upload.

Andre Borges

8. Looking at Facebook messenger to see if someone is ignoring you on WhatsApp.

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9. Meeting someone through a friend and then looking through your mutual friends list to find them.

10. And then if it's a private profile, going through their cover photos and tagged photos to see if it's the same person.

11. Trying to decipher who a friend is talking about, after seeing a vague rant.

12. Being annoyed with somebody but liking a random post of theirs passive-aggressively.


13. Not having the slightest clue who a person is, but adding them anyway cause you have a shit ton of mutual friends.

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14. Having legit envy for people's lives only based on their Facebook presence, even though you have no actual information about what their life is actually like.

15. Left your Facebook profile open, and gotten worried that someone will check your search bar and see who you've been looking up.


16. And gotten super perturbed by those "look who's been stalking you" apps that keep floating around.

17. Dreading meeting someone you've randomly added, and having to do the awkward, "I'm sure we've met somewhere?" dance.

18. Uploading like a bazillion pictures to Snapchat and Instagram, but being super selective about what you put on Facebook.


19. Deciding that you're too much on the grid and deactivating your account...


20. And then reactivating it like two days later.

21. And of course, spending endless hours looking at your own posts, photos and statuses and realising every single time, what a goddamn treasure you are.

Andre Borges

Andre Borges is a social news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Mumbai.

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