15 Conspiracy Theories From India That'll Shake The Foundation Of Everything You Know And Love

    The truth is out there.

    1. Mother Teresa was a covert secret agent for America.


    Okay, this one is pretty out there. It claims that Mother Teresa was actually an undercover agent working for America.

    She came to India to fulfil her secret mission of preventing Soviet influence from taking over India, before the U.S.S.R. dissolved. Believers of this theory say that all her humanitarian work was actually a cover, and she was sending secret messages to American authorities for years.


    2. Mahatma Gandhi could have prevented the execution of Bhagat Singh, but purposely didn't.

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    There are a lot of critics who claim that Gandhi could have full well stopped the execution of Bhagat Singh and his fellow freedom fighters, but simply chose not to. Some go as far as to say that the father of our nation even conspired to have Singh killed, as they both had different ideologies.

    3. The foot of the Himalayas is a hot bed for UFOs.


    Locals claim that a number of UFOs have been spotted sauntering out of Ladakh’s Kongka La Pass. Now, the pass is one of the least accessible areas in the world, yet locals claim that unidentified ships come and go as they please. They've even gone as far as to say that the local government has rebutted all their allegations and silenced those who've spoken out.

    4. Emperor Ashoka had an inner circle of nine intellectuals, a secret society that is in existence even today.


    Popular belief is that there were nine intellectuals that backed and advised Mauryan emperor Ashoka, during his rule between 268 to 232 B.C. The identities of those in this secret society were kept under wraps as they worked behind the scenes in the pursuit of knowledge for the benefit of mankind, while also preventing destructive power from falling into the wrong hands.

    5. Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa was poisoned by her aide V. K. Sasikala.

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    When longtime TN CM Jayalalithaa passed away in December, 2016, there were widespread conspiracy theories about how she died. Many believe that knowing Jayalalithaa suffered from acute diabetes, Sasikala poisoned her and made it look like she died from natural causes.

    A 2012 Tehelka report stated: "Jayalalithaa found out that she was given sedatives and chemical substances that had small quantities of poison by a nurse appointed by Sasikala, and this is why she had expelled Sasikala and her family from her Poes Garden residence."

    6. India’s widely successful Mars Orbiter mission – Mangalyaan – is one big elaborate hoax.

    Manjunath Kiran / Getty Images

    There are entire threads dedicated to the belief that India's historic Mangalyaan mission never actually happened, and was an elaborate hoax to convince India and the world that the country is part of the space race. The backbone of this theory is that only 16 images (which many believe to be photoshopped), and no videos, were released by ISRO.

    7. The CIA was behind the death of Homi Bhabha.


    Theorists believe that the father of India's nuclear program didn't actually die in a plane crash, but was actually assassinated by the CIA because he was making too many developments in the field of nuclear sciences.

    8. An Indian beat the Wright brothers to the invention of the world's first working airplane.


    The theory goes that in 1895, a whole eight years before the Wright brothers, Shivkar Bapuji Talpade invented the first working model of an airplane which flew upto 1,500 feet before crashing. Many believe the news of the achievement was suppressed by the British to avoid undermining their own progress in science and technology.

    In 2015, a fictionalised film called Hawaizaada, based on Talpade’s biography, was released. This gave those who believe a new wind, and brought in a new wave of believers.

    9. The political dynasty of one of India's most infamous families – the Nehru-Gandhi clan – is riddled with conspiracy theories.


    There's definitely no time to run through ALL of the conspiracy theories alleged against the Nehru-Gandhi family. Let's just say people really believe some odd things.

    There are claims that Jawaharlal Nehru’s grandfather changed his name to Nehru to avoid being murdered during the rebellion of 1857. There are also claims that Nehru was a serial womaniser, who had several alleged affairs from which he fathered many children. Several Gandhis reportedly died under mysterious circumstances, which many believed were foul play by other members of the family.

    10. Someone might be in possession of a radioactive chunk of plutonium that the CIA lost in Nanda Devi.


    In 1965, the CIA was installing a nuclear listening device at the summit of Nanda Devi, India’s second-highest peak. The device contained the highly radioactive substance, plutonium.

    While the expedition had to be called off due to bad weather, the team left the device there, assuming they'd come back and retrieve it. However, when they returned the following spring, the device was long gone. Till date, people assume the radioactive and powerful device lies in the hands of an unknown person, and so far there has been no official information regarding any of this.

    11. There was a huge cover up in which Mohammad Azharuddin took the fall for Kapil Dev in the biggest match-fixing scandal in Indian cricket.

    John Macdougall / AFP / Getty Images

    Mohammad Azharuddin being found guilty of match-fixing in 2000 was a scandal that rocked Indian cricket, but several people allege Kapil Dev was actually the mastermind behind it all.

    Manoj Prabhakar, who participated in Tehelka’s investigation which led to the exposé, claimed that Dev was the ring leader, and that several cricketers were aware of his involvement. He also attested that many didn't testify against him in court because of Dev’s stature and influence at the time.

    12. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose didn’t actually die in a plane crash, but lived a full life.


    Bose's fervent followers complete deny that he died in a plane crash. In fact, they claim that he lived a full life in Faizabad under the guise of "Gumnami Baba".

    13. The "meteorite" that struck and killed a man in 2016, was a man-made explosion.


    NASA issued a public statement saying that the photographs of India’s alleged meteorite death are more consistent with a "land-based explosion". The statement, coupled with the fact that there hasn't ever been a recorded death of man dying by meteorite in human history, led people to believe that there was something fishy happening here.

    14. The tsunami that hit India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia in 2004 was a result of weapon testing.

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    Several publications, primarily Egyptian and Middle Eastern ones, alleged that the 2004 tsunami, which caused widespread destruction in many South Asian countries, was actually the result of a joint underwater weapons testing program between India, the U.S. and Israel.

    15. Demonetisation was just a huge cover up to get rid of defective ₹500 and ₹1000 notes printed in a Madhya Pradesh press.

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    It's been reported that the Security Paper Mill (SPM) in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh accidentally mass printed ₹500 and ₹1000 notes which did not have security threads. Even though the RBI admitted to the mistake and destroyed crores of notes, some people still believe demonetisation was an nationwide cover up so the government could curb this.

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