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Literally Everybody Wants To Fly To Singapore To Bump Into This Hot Airport Security Dude

The airport has been kind enough to inform everybody which terminal he's stationed at.

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This is Lee Minwei, a corporal in Certis Cisco, a company that runs security at Changi Airport in Singapore.

A few days ago, the agency shared this photo on Twitter...

Meet the famous CPL (APF) Lee Minwei at Changi Airport. Say hello to our good looking officer when you see him!…

Twitter: @Certis_CISCO

And let's just say a lot of people got very interested.

So Changi Airport decided to share another picture of Minwei on their Facebook page with a little more information about the 22-year-old.

The picture has nearly 10,000 shares in under a day.

Minwei explained in the post that lots of people ask him for pictures, and that his family teases him a lot about his looks. He also mentioned that he's single, but isn't looking for a relationship as he wants to focus on his career.

But the flood gates were opened, and thousands of people began sharing and commenting on Minwei’s picture.

Mostly about how attractive Minwei is.

People were trying so hard to figure out where they could *bump* into Minwei. Of course, the airport replied with the information.

People from around the world have also come to the realisation that Singapore is a nice place to visit.

Some blessed people have even had the pleasure of meeting Minwei and of course, stated that their day got infinitely better.

Oh, and, uh, yes, in case you're wondering, people are sharing even more photos of Minwei.


BuzzFeed has reached out to Changi Airport and is awaiting their reply.

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