India's Unlikely Mental Health Champions: The Comedians

    "Do yourself a favour and give yourself a chance to explore, make mistakes and an opportunity to figure things out."

    On April 4, Mumbai-based engineering student Arjun Bhardwaj committed suicide at the Taj Land's End Hotel in Mumbai, by jumping off the 19th floor.

    Bhardwaj's suicide has sparked a national conversation about how important it is to speak about mental health.

    In light of his death, several comedians are speaking up about their struggles with depression, how they coped, and giving advice to people suffering from it.

    Biswa Kalyan Rath asks people not to measure their entire life by their failures, and urged people not to be scared of asking for help.

    Rahul Subramanian asks that you not to be worried or feel bogged down by things you’re not good at.

    Tanmay Bhat wants you to know that life’s problems will are never-ending, but things do get better.

    Sapan Verma wants you to understand that talking to your parents about depression will not disappoint them.

    Danish Sait speaks about his personal experiences and urges people to get help just like he did.

    Rohan Joshi asks that we not be bothered with marks and understand that it doesn't matter as much as you think it will.

    Mallika Dua wants you to know it's not wrong to seek treatment for mental illness just as one would seek out treatment for a physical ailment.

    Daniel Fernandes urges you to stop telling people suffering from depression to "get over it".

    And Vir Das wants everyone to try and spot the signs of depression in their friends and family.

    If you (or a friend) feel any symptoms of depression or anxiety, or just want an understanding and trained stranger to talk to, here's who you can call:

    iCALL: 022 25521111


    SNEHA: 044 24640050

    PARIVARTHAN: +917676602602

    SAHAI: 080 25497777

    SUMAITRI: 011 23389090

    LIFELINE: 033 24637401

    If you don't feel like calling, you can chat with a professional here.