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AIB, Kanan Gill, And Biswa Just Nailed Many, Many Ways Indian Schools And Education Are Absurd

If you're crumbling under boards stress right now, this is the antidote you need.

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All India Bakchod's news-comedy show, On Air With AIB, is currently airing its second season on Hotstar.


They debuted a new segment entitled "Off Script" in the third episode, which featured comedians Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath.

In the segment, they decided to discuss exams, studying, and everything related to the Indian education system. And in the midst of their discussion the bakchods and pretentious movie reviewers dropped a whole bunch of intrinsic truths:

1. On "mugging".

2. On ICSE students being too privileged.

3. On correction.

4. On exam supervisors.

5. On teachers tutoring students.

6. On choosing your major.

7. On backups.

8. On the stigma of studying arts.

9. On teacher-teacher communication.

10. On lies we've all been told.

11. And on the value of marks.

Check out the entire episode here.

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