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88 Heavy Gifts For Back To The Future Obsessed

You know those new gifts you're looking for? Well, LISTEN TO THIS:

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2. Hand Painted "Save the Clock Tower" mug $12.38

IHeartMugs2015 / Via


I'm obsessed with saying this to any couple I see kissing.

Commemorate your cockblock quote with this beautiful mug!

3. Calvin Klein Lavender Underwear - $30

Calvin Klein / Via

It's well past 1985 - all men should be wearing this now! Calvin Klein should be written all over everyone's underwear.

Make my dreams come true here!

5. A Match Made in Space by George McFly Book Safe - $120

TwinPinesMall / Via

An amazing book safe made from a copy of George McFly's A Match Made in Space - with EVERY SIDE OF THE BOOK JACKET AS DEPICTED IN THE MOVIE.

Keep your stuff safe from here!


Little Shop Horrors / Via

It's way closer to the real thing than anything else you've ever had - or those weird wheelie things, the like handless segues, I have no idea what those are called.

Go for it here!

10. Cafe 80's Crop Top - $23.21

Black Sheep Designs UK / Via

What's more authentically 80's than a Cafe 80's crop top?

Ronald Reagan in a Cafe 80's crop top. But that's unfortunately not a thing I've finished photoshopping yet.

Get this top here!

15. 1955 Doc Brown Mug - $14

Foolish Human Society / Via

Do you know what this means?

It means this damn mug doesn't work at all!

Just kidding, I'm so obsessed with this mug and its cool art, and it definitely works for me.

Buy this for someone here!

20. Enchantment Under the Sea Dance Bow - $10.00

Fineapple Bowtique / Via

Enchantment Under the Sea dance bow, for every Lorraine in your life.

So, for your mom. For all Back to the Future fans that are your mom.

Get it here!

56. Hoverboard Backback - $30

2Bad2Vintage / Via

Back in Time? No...but the TIME is on your BACK, so that's pretty close!

The hoverboard-inspired color scheme makes this backpack heavy.

Get it here!

57. Rex McFly Dictionary Page Art - $6.99

Retro Book Art / Via

Upcycled dictionary art, with a dinosaur dressed in the classic life perservahh and future accessories.

I bought this for my boyfriend's birthday - right after future day - and he loved it!

Get it here!

64. Cardboard 3D Glasses - $2.15

Amazon / Via

Now you're one of the most memorable characters in BTTF, with this cheap hilarious gift.

Really, how could we get to 88 without mentioning 3D Glasses.

Get it here!

88. Back to the Future 30th Anniversary DVD or Blu-ray - $88.53

Amazon / Via

This one's obvious, but you know what, it begs to repeated.

The new anniversary edition is out - and everyone should have it in their collection!

Get it here!

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