This Curvy Yogi Is The Most Inspiring Human You'll See All Day

    Every body is a yoga body.

    Meet Valerie Sagun, a 28-year-old yogi from San Jose, California.

    Sagun started her Instagram Big Gal Yoga a year and a half ago.

    And her photos are fly AF.

    To start, her yoga wardrobe is TO DIE FOR.

    And her confidence is contagious.

    She's always down to try new things.

    And pushing herself is the only way she knows how.

    Sagun loves yoga so much that she's currently trying to become a teacher.

    "By being a curvy woman of color, I get to show a lot of underrepresented people that they are capable of anything," she says.

    "We need more diversity so that, one day, diversity just becomes something normal that happens everywhere."