19 People Who Just Can’t Handle The Fact Tony Blair Won An Award For Philanthropy

The former prime minister won the award at the GQ Man of the Year Awards last night.

Last night, men’s lifestyle magazine GQ held its annual awards ceremony, at which former prime minister Tony Blair was named Philanthropist of the Year. He posed for it like an extra in a James Bond film, naturally.

1. And some people were pretty confused.

2. OK, a lot of people were confused.

3. Like, a lot.

4. Even those in the room when Blair was named the winner were in shock.

5. Others thought it was pretty funny and couldn’t quite figure out if a massive practical joke was being played.

6. That included the likes of former England football legend Gary Lineker.

7. But a lot of people were just very angry.

8. Some threatened to cancel their subscription to the magazine.

9. And a whole bunch of bunch made the same joke about whether it’s April Fools’ Day.

10. Lol good one.

11. Hahahahahaha.

12. You are hilarious, sir.

13. This is maybe the funniest joke I’ve ever heard.

14. OK, I’m done. Stop.

15. Some questioned whether the magazine understood the definition of philanthropy.

16. Or whether it was just an ingenius ploy by the magazine to troll the world.

17. And, oh yes, there were a lot of sassy replies.

18. Some pointed out that the event took place as the world looked on in horror at events unfolding in the Middle East.

19. And one person gave a moment of silence for Gordon Brown, who replaced Blair in Downing Street and is well known for his charitable work.

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