26 Times Alex Salmond Wore The Same Tie

Cool tie bro.

Here’s Scotland’s first minister, Alex Salmond. And he’s got swag.

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He looks like a man you can trust. But you know what he needs? A new tie.

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1. Because it appears that he’s rather fond of this tie that showcases the Saint Andrew’s Cross, which doubles up as the Scottish flag.

Clive Rose / Getty Images

3 August 2014

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2. At first you’re like, “Why are you hassling him? The referendum’s coming up. Let it go.”

Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

1 August 2014

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3. But seriously though.

Handout / Getty Images

14 June 2014

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4. You could even forgive him for wearing it this time too, because he was presenting the white paper on Scottish referendum.

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty

26 November 2013

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5. But now we know the tie is not just for speeches. He also wore it when eating.

Mark Runnacles / Getty Images

23 September 2013

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6. Even though he had been wearing the tie onstage just two days earlier.

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

21 September 2013

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7. And at the Ryder Cup tournament.

Warren Little / Getty Images

14 July 2014

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8. At this point you start wondering whether the tie has mystical powers.

Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

7 July 2014, Wimbledon

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WPA Pool / Getty Images
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Yes, we’re sure.

WPA Pool / Getty
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10. And again when he gave a speech in May.

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

21 May 2013

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Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

7 November 2012

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12. And he’s even worn the tie at least twice in front of the prime minister. Oh dear.

Ian MacNicol / Getty Images

15 October 2012

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13. And he wore it at this Ryder Cup too.

David Cannon / Getty Images

27 September 2012

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14. Oh yes, and at Wimbledon. Again. And David Cameron was sitting in front of him in the crowd again. Wonder if he said anything.

BBC / Via bbc.co.uk

8 July 2012

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15. He’s taken the tie to film festivals.

Martin Grimes / Getty Images for Disney

30 June 2012

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16. It’s gone out for strolls.

WPA Pool / Getty Images

5 June 2012

ID: 3600434

17. And here it is at Wimbledon. Again. :( This time, hanging out with a former prime minister.

GLYN KIRK/AFP / Getty Images

3 July 2011

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18. And oh yeah, here it is with David Cameron. Again.

WPA Pool / Getty Images

25 June 2011

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19. But the tie’s been there for the good moments. Salmond brought it along when he got re-elected.

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

18 May 2011

ID: 3600603

20. And heated moments too, such as when Salmond was taking questions at the Scottish parliament.

David Cheskin/PA Archive/Press Association Images

23 December 2010

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Rafa Rivas / AFP

13 September 2010

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22. The tie also accompanied Salmond to talks with the prime minister and Nick Clegg just after the coalition government came to power.

WPA Pool / Getty Images

8 June 2010

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23. And here’s him wearing it in 2009. It’s 2014 now, by the way.

Andrew Milligan/PA Archive/Press Association Images

14 October 2009

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24. By now, he’s probably thinking, “I wonder how long I can get away with wearing the same tie again and again without anyone noticing.”

David Cheskin/PA Archive/Press Association Images

2 September 2009

ID: 3600762

25. It’s really just surprising that Salmond’s not bored of the tie yet.

David Cheskin/PA Archive/Press Association Images

10 September 2009

ID: 3600812

26. Because yes. We’re really bored of it. #RetireTheTie

David Cheskin/PA Archive/Press Association Images

24 August 2009

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