There’s A Guy On Instagram Who Takes Photos Of Himself Wearing Naked White Women As Scarves

He says he likes to wear white women as a sign of “status and power.”

1. Photographer Nate Hill is the man behind the Trophy Scarves Instagram account.

ID: 2066802

2. The premise is that he asks (and gets asked) by white women to wear them like scarves.

ID: 2066808

3. Hill had a similar art project called White Power Milk, in which people bought milk that had been gargled by white women.

ID: 2066809

4. According to The Root, Hill uses Craigslist to find a lot of his subjects.

ID: 2066810

5. Hill posts illuminating photos of some of the texts that lead to the photos on his Instagram.

ID: 2066819
ID: 2066821

7. Hill told Vice that Trophy Scarves is all about making a statement about race and culture and the way society treats women.

ID: 2066812

8. As for the obviously sexual undertones, Hill is married and says his wife “tolerates” the project.

ID: 2066815
ID: 2066817

10. He doesn’t have long-term plans for the project, but plans on doing it for at least a few more months.

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