Some Guy Drew A Penis On His Wife’s Whiteboard Every Single Day For A Year

That’s 365 days of dick. Semi-NSFW warning: This post is filled with dry-erase drawings of penises.

1. Back in February 2013, this guy’s wife bought a whiteboard. When he told her he was going to draw a penis on it every day, she challenged him to do it for a year. So of course, he did.

ID: 2518180

2. For the first several weeks of the project he decided to show off his ability to draw animals.

ID: 2505756

3. After he exhausted all his animal options, he went through a lengthy food phase.

ID: 2505769

4. From there, he started reimagining classic art….

ID: 2505838

5. And famous European landmarks.

ID: 2505845

6. Then he moved on to some of the most well-known album covers.

ID: 2505886

7. When October hit, he turned his focus to Halloween…

ID: 2505917

8. Then Thanksgiving and Black Friday…

ID: 2505926

9. And finally Christmas and New Year’s.

ID: 2505716

10. Of course, he had to add his commentary to the Sochi Olympics.

ID: 2505734

11. It was a stiff challenge, but in the end, he aced it.

ID: 2505739

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