116 “Clueless” Outfits Ranked From Worst To Best

I still want to wear kilts and knee-highs. Is that really so bad?

Presented here from worst to best…

ID: 2529927

116. A baby pink sateen mini-dress with matching bolero definitely qualifies as one of the worst bridesmaids outfits ever.

ID: 2528194

115. If your outfit requires the use of your hands to keep it from falling down, it’s not worth it.

ID: 2527228

114. Oh, Amber. You’re going to be seeing a lot of her up here.

ID: 2527412

113. Elton, why do you dress like a middle school art teacher?

ID: 2527504

112. What do you call this look? Jungle soldier?

ID: 2521741

111. Wearing feathers on a weekday is never advised.

ID: 2521755

110. Another Murray special. Although I am kind of digging that Superman necklace.

ID: 2521738

109. A Dr. Seuss hat, Dionne? For shame.

ID: 2521788

108. Still going for it.

ID: 2521744

107. Captain Money.

ID: 2527637

106. Alllll the young dudes.

ID: 2527638

105. Her hair is so big. Does it also hold secrets?

ID: 2528170

104. OK, bend over and you definitely expose your wa-wa-ha to everyone. In fishnets, no less.

ID: 2521742

103. Blasaskdfakdj.

ID: 2521803

102. For a supposedly snappy dresser, in retrospect, Christian looks the most dated.

ID: 2527727

101. For starters, Elton needs a vest-ervention. But someone also needs to tell him not to combine them with polo shirts.

ID: 2521834

100. Janet Hung: no tardies. Upsetting patchwork jacket: present.

ID: 2521783

99. He wore this to a wedding.

ID: 2529964

98. Stop trying to be cool, Josh.

ID: 2521772

97. Eh. This is basically the most boring outfit Cher wears during the entire movie.

ID: 2527587

96. Miss Geist could do so much better.

ID: 2521835

95. Amber, you could be a sexy Hamburgler in those clothes.

ID: 2527184

94. She could be a farmer in those clothes. I mean, maybe.

ID: 2527233

93. This isn’t a Monet, it’s a Jackson Pollock — a mess close up AND far away.

ID: 2529415

92. Cher, I’ve seen you wear cuter pajamas.

ID: 2528167

91. Oatmeal vest. Oatmeal.

ID: 2527230

90. Much leopard. Many see-throughs.

ID: 2521804

89. This is Travis’s fancy shirt.

ID: 2528171

88. We get it, Josh. You’re a do-gooder.

ID: 2521756

87. Amber’s “Funky” librarian look.

ID: 2527939

86. Somewhere, Baby Spice is naked and confused.

ID: 2521707

85. Travisssss.

ID: 2528149

84. Cher, this dress looks way better on you.

ID: 2527497

83. A problematic outfit from the get-go.

ID: 2529421

82. I mean, Mr. Hall maybe deserves some more credit for his unoffensive fashion sense. He could almost be an extra from Her in this.

ID: 2521750

81. Same goes for Christian in these high-waisted pants. Excuse me: slacks. Those are definitely slacks.

ID: 2527636

80. A slight improvement; that purple is a nice change.

ID: 2521808

79. Are those…bowling pins on her skirt?

ID: 2528208

78. Just stop. Please.

ID: 2527897

77. I just don’t think “artistic businesswoman” really works.

ID: 2521784

76. Any given hipster could wear this.

ID: 2521746

75. Summer’s snowboarder chick thing isn’t the worst style to adopt. Just regrettable.

ID: 2521837

74. Ditch the fur and then we can talk.

ID: 2521708

73. I’m not buying that Dee would wear an American Eagle shirt with lace-up leather boots.

ID: 2521709

72. Is that a paisley tunic?

ID: 2521758

71. I can’t decide if the hat makes this outfit better or worse.

ID: 2528137

70. You have to give Ms. Stoeger props for trying…she’s experimenting with shorts, leggings, and knee-highs. Ballsy.

ID: 2527206

69. Ahh those jeans are so ’90s.

ID: 2527496

68. What’s going on here? Is it a corset t-shirt? Interesting.

ID: 2527589

67. Again with the beret. Hmmm.

ID: 2521836

66. Is that an angora bra top? Respect.

ID: 2528169

65. If only Tai wasn’t wearing her discomfort with this outfit.

ID: 2527218

64. Let’s be honest, Tai: This just isn’t you.

ID: 2527992

63. As dressed up as you’ll ever see Murray.

ID: 2528185

62. Cher’s weekend outfits are so jazzy.

ID: 2528150

61. Biker schoolgirl chic.

ID: 2527232

60. Cher’s interpretation of basics.

ID: 2527635

59. Amber, you’re crazy as usual. But this could be worse.

ID: 2528200

58. A denim vest with an embroidered top definitely feels dated…but still kinda sweet.

ID: 2527894

57. Josh looks pretty normal here. Way to go, buddy.

ID: 2527997

56. I’d maybe be OK wearing this to the gym. Ironically.

ID: 2527280

55. I’d maybe wear this to workout in my home. Un-ironically.

ID: 2527277

54. Amber, looking slightly normal.

ID: 2521690

53. An iconic outfit, yes. But did you ever notice that giant safety pin??? Kind of just ruined it for me.

ID: 2521745

52. That sweater looks cozy.

ID: 2527498

51. That sweater also looks cozy!

ID: 2527586

50. Not a total Betty but a vast improvement.

ID: 2521831

49. This outfit is just so perfectly Dionne.

ID: 2527585

48. This is where Tai figures out how to balance Beverly Hills with her skater sensibilities.

ID: 2528147

47. Despite the blinding hue of that green…the combo with the checkerboard fabric makes me very nostalgic.

ID: 2528135

46. I’m digging Cher dressed down.

ID: 2529425

45. Here’s a glimpse at Cher: The College Years.

ID: 2521832

44. Pretty in pink.

ID: 2528136

43. This reminds me of 8th grade. <3

ID: 2527898

42. And this reminds me of 9th grade.

ID: 2527937

41. So shiny. Work it, Madame Captain.

ID: 2528172

40. Can’t tell much about this outfit, but I do know it is very seksi.

ID: 2529956

39. Awwwww.

ID: 2527223

38. Work it.

ID: 2521668

37. There’s a reason Amber got this same dress. It looks pretty sweet on Cher.

ID: 2527231

36. Tai’s soft blue wedding attire FTW.

ID: 2528173

35. Extra points for basically inventing the trend where girls wore spaghetti strap tanks over t-shirts.

ID: 2527999

34. Only Dionne could get away with wearing a crocheted beanie.

ID: 2527899

33. The matching mini-purse is killing me. (In the best way possible.)

ID: 2527900

32. A simple ‘n sweet eyelet dress gets a decent grade.

ID: 2527646

31. Crazy, yes. But still strangely appealing.

ID: 2521757

30. Super cute.

ID: 2527414

29. A hot pink sweater set paired with an ’80s-esque ponytail is definitely working.

ID: 2527639

28. I’d totally wear this to bed.

ID: 2521730

27. Cute.

ID: 2521776

26. Summer could have just as easily walked out of Urban Outfitters in this getup.

ID: 2527421

25. That’s a terrycloth top. Yessss.

ID: 2527891

24. Thissssssss.

ID: 2527502

23. The good old button-up under a t-shirt. Wins every time.

ID: 2527935

22. That hair! Yes!

ID: 2528179

21. Can I get this at American Apparel?

ID: 2527934

20. Dee, hot pink is your color.

ID: 2527938

19. You make me want to work out.

ID: 2527190

18. Gingham swimwear is so happening again.

ID: 2521698

17. This eyelet top with lavender jeans combo is highly underrated.

ID: 2528151

16. So preppy. So pretty.

ID: 2527419

15. Oooooh.

ID: 2527415

14. This is a dress. And you know who says so? Calvin Klein.

ID: 2527703

13. Much cute.

ID: 2521743

12. Cray. But you can’t help but love.

ID: 2527996

11. Cute.

ID: 2521840

10. Cuuuuuute.

ID: 2521799

9. Pretty cute.

ID: 2528134

8. Ain’t no liar, this is an Alaia.

ID: 2527569

7. Let’s bring this back.

ID: 2527191

6. Ooooh pretty lady.

ID: 2528183

5. You look like a fiesta and I love it.

ID: 2527503

4. Yes.

ID: 2521794

3. Yes to the yes.

ID: 2527936

2. Cutecutecutecutecute.

ID: 2521839

1. !!!!

ID: 2527893

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