Someone On Tinder Is Pretending To Be Ed Miliband And It’s Pretty Filthy

The Labour leader’s doppelgänger would like to build a randier society for all. (A bit NSFW.)

1. Someone on the popular casual sex and dating app Tinder is pretending to be Labour leader Ed Miliband.

BuzzFeed / Anonymous

And this person is trying to use the power of Miliband to seduce people in the manner of a One Nation lover — while knocking a few years off Ed’s real age.

Tinder works on a location basis so whoever is pretending to be Miliband is within five kilometres of Westminster. Several other people have previously spotted fake Ed on the service.

ID: 3267858

2. One would-be dater, who shared the screengrabs with BuzzFeed, swiped right after seeing Ed’s face. They soon found themselves being chatted up by Miliband’s rhetoric.

BuzzFeed / Anonymous
ID: 3267859

3. The conversation started off fairly tame.

BuzzFeed / Anonymous
ID: 3267860

4. Then they discussed the great economic issues of our day.

BuzzFeed / Anonymous
ID: 3267861

5. Ed Miliband’s political positioning was debated.

BuzzFeed / Anonymous
ID: 3267863

6. Then the importance of the famous Labour whipping operation comes into play.

BuzzFeed / Anonymous
ID: 3267862

7. As well as the potential for a stimulus package.

ID: 3267866

8. But it quickly gets lost in the discussion of parliamentary procedure.

BuzzFeed / Anonymous
ID: 3267869

9. Some kinky role play involving House of Lords reform is suggested.

BuzzFeed / Anonymous
ID: 3267870

10. Even though the commitment to real reform is questioned.

BuzzFeed / Anonymous
ID: 3267871

11. And then it just goes very, very dark.

BuzzFeed / Anonymous
ID: 3267873

12. Well done, person pretending to be Ed Miliband on Tinder.

ID: 3268247

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