71 Reasons Candy Hearts Are Stupid

Just look.

1. Please press play.

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I’ve been really tryyyyyying,

3. baby,

5. tryin to hold back these feelings

7. for so long.

9. And if you feel

11. like I feel

13. baby,

15. come on.

17. OH,

19. come on.

21. Woo!

23. Let’s get it on.

25. aaahhhhhhhh, baby.

27. Let’s get it on.

29. Let’s love baby.

31. Let’s get it awwaaaawwawawawn,

33. sugar.

35. Let’s get it ooooooon.

37. wooo hoooowuh.

39. We’re all sensitive people

41. with so much to give.

43. (Understand me, sugar.)

45. Since we got to be here,

47. let’s live.

49. I love you.

51. There’s

53. nothing wrong

55. with me

57. loving you.

59. Baby naw naaahw.

61. And givin yourself to me can never be wrong

63. if the love is true.

65. Oh baby wooohoooooooo.

67. Don’t you know how sweet and wonderful

69. life can beeee.

71. I’m askin you, baby,

73. to get it on with me.

75. woooooo woooooo.

77. I aint gonna worry.

79. I aint gonna push.

81. Won’t push you, baby.

83. So come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, baby,

85. Stop beatin round the bush.

87. Heeyaaaaa.

89. Let’s get it on.

91. wohooooo.

93. Let’s get it on.

95. You know what I’m talking ‘bout.

97. Come on baby.

99. Heeyeeeeey.

101. Let your love come out.

103. If yoooouuu believe in love,

105. let’s get it on.

107. Oooohhh.

109. Let’s get it on, baby.

111. This minute.

113. Oh yeah, let’s get it on.

115. Pleeeeheeeaaaase.

117. Please get it on.

119. Ahhhha

121. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on darling,

123. stop beatin around the bush.

125. ohhhhhhhhhhh

127. Gonna get it on.

129. I wanna get it on.

131. You don’t have to worry that it’s wrong.

133. If the spirit moves you,

135. let me groove you.

137. Good. Let your love come down.

139. oh

141. Get it on.

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