Tell Us Your Worst Hookup Horror Story

    American Horror Story: Hookups

    Chances are if you've ever hooked up with someone, you have at least one horror story that keeps you up at night.

    Like maybe things were getting ~sexy~ with the stranger you met at the bar but you forgot it was your time of the month and the next thing you knew your bed sheets, their mouth, and their fingers looked like this:

    Or maybe you and your lover were trying an ambitious new position and things were going great until you heard a...pop.

    Or maybe you were going down on your partner and they hit your gag reflex just right, causing you to throw up all over their naked body, which then caused them to throw up all over you and your naked body.

    Hookup horrors come for us all, so share them in the comments below. We'll feature the best ones in a BuzzFeed Community post!