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    20 Really Nice Things You Can Get For Under $50, Because You Deserve It

    Treat yourself.

    1. A golden pencil holder set that'll add a touch of glam to your desk. It has felt on the bottom so it won't scratch up any surfaces, and it has a satisfyingly heavy weight to it. It'd also be great for makeup brushes, flowers, or just for organizing all the little bits and pieces you have straggled across your desk.

    2. A diffuser set that'll bring a pretty touch of floral to your decor. The smell of jasmine, violet, and bergamot will freshen up even the smelliest room in your house, and look super cute while doing so.

    3. Or a fresh-scented candle in a luxurious glass jar that'll fill your space with notes of citrus without overwhelming it. It's made with coconut wax, and has about 100 hours of burn time, so you'll enjoy this candle for many cozy evenings, date nights, or bath time fun.

    4. A monogrammed necklace that's personal as well as a chic statement. Reviewers say it has just the right amount flare for every day, goes with literally any outfit, and looks great layered with other necklaces for a truly ~bespoke~ combination.

    5. An amethyst face roller that uses crystal healing to soothe all the tension away from your face. It’ll help to depuff your eyes, get rid of dark circles, reduce the look of fine lines, and promote blood circulation. You can also use it after you've put on your favourite moisturizer or serum to make sure all the product absorbs nicely.

    6. A pretty pitcher that'll bring a touch of spring indoors. It's perfect for storing cold brew, lemonade, or freshly pressed juice, and it's dishwasher and microwave safe, too!

    7. A glittery palette, because who needs mattes when you're clearly meant to shine? This velvety formula is super rich in pigmentation, so you'll be able to smoulder at that special someone from halfway across a room.

    8. A thickening hair treatment to get that luscious, "just-got-your-hair-blown-out" look. This magical formula has a concentrate that legit swells your strands of hair for some seriously lavish volume.

    9. A lip paint that somehow looks good on every 👏🏻 single👏🏽 skin 👏🏾colour👏🏿. This totally matte formula will stay on your lips all damn day — even after a lil' smooch session. 😘

    10. A peeling mousse that rolls away dead skin (gross) so your face can shine (the good shine, not the bad shine). It only needs to sit on your face for a minute, so this is perfect if you're like me and hate sitting around with a mask on for 20 minutes.

    11. A self-care planner that'll guide you through little things that will help you feel better if it's all feeling a bit too hectic. It'll remind you to drink your water, teach you about body positivity, and it has cute stickers (!!!) to decorate your journal entries with.

    12. A heated neck warmer that'll work away at all those achey kinks and knots that keep you up at night. It has two lavender-scented sea salt inserts that'll give you a soothing aromatherapy session for the most relaxation possible.

    13. A compact vibrator, because orgasms make everything better. This tiny but mighty little guy has five vibration patterns, three hours of play time, and it’s waterproof (if you’re looking for some extra fun during bath time).

    14. And a silky lubricant that’ll make your solo time (or fun with a friend) a whole lot smoother. This water-based lube works with all condoms and silicone toys, and it's made with pharma-grade ingredients so it's safe for your sensitive spots.

    15. A warm scarf that'll add a pretty pop of colour to any outfit. Wear it with denim coats and bombers when the weather's a bit chilly, or layer it with blouses and dresses when the sun's out.

    16. A travel planner that'll help you plan your next big trip — or just a weekend away! It has a spot for roadmaps, budgeting, accommodations, and reflection, so it'll be the perfect memento to look back on after your trip, as well!

    17. A tote made of vegan leather that'll hold all of your every day bits and pieces, and look seriously chic while doing so. It has pockets on the inside so you won't be stuck fishing around for your cell phone, and it has adjustable handles to get that perfect length.

    18. A fancy water bottle that'll keep your beverage cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. This pretty gold piece will add a touch of luxe while you're going on an afternoon walk, or just hanging out on your porch.

    19. A coffee grinder, because freshly-ground beans are just so much better than the pre-packaged ground stuff. Treat yourself to a cafe experience at home ☕️.

    20. And a French press, because it's the best way to brew the perfect cup, in my opinion. You can leave it out overnight to make cold brew, as well as for traditional pour-over coffee, if that’s your jam!

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