60 Thanksgiving Side Dishes To Make Absolutely Everyone Happy

Thanksgiving is a wonderful meal where every single person wants to eat something totally different. Here are all the recipes you’ll ever need to pull it off.

If you don’t think there’s anything wrong with the classics:

If you want to add color to an ocean of beige:

6. Roasted Squash With Mint & Pumpkin Seeds

Get the recipe at Bon Appétit.

7. Farro Salad With Oven-Roasted Grapes & Autumn Greens

Get the recipe at Martha Stewart.

If all you care about is consuming maximum amounts of cornbread:

13. Cornbread Stuffing Muffins With Apple And Pancetta

Motion to call them “stuffins.” Get the recipe at A Spicy Perspective.

If Brussels sprouts are your jam:

16. Brussels Sprouts With Maple-Buttered Pecans

Get the recipe at Babble.

19. Brussels Sprouts & Chestnuts In Brown Butter Sauce

Get the recipe at Smitten Kitchen.

20. Brussels Sprouts With Shallots And Salt Pork

Get the recipe at Bon Appétit.

If you want to branch out into other vegetables:

21. Crispy Cauliflower With Capers, Raisins & Breadcrumbs

Get the recipe at Bon Appétit.

24. Roasted Radicchio, Speck & Balsamic Salad

Get the recipe at Citrus And Candy.

If you’re over regular old mashed potatoes:

28. Celery Root Puree With Toasted Hazelnuts

Get the recipe at Bon Appétit.

30. Mashed Root Vegetables With Bacon Vinaigrette

Get the recipe at Bon Appétit.

If you want to eat at least one thing that isn’t unhealthy:

If you plan to fill your entire plate with stuffing:

38. Ciabatta Stuffing With Chorizo, Sweet Potato & Mushrooms

Get the recipe at Food52.

39. Italian Mother-In-Law Dressing

Chard and olives and raising and pine nuts! Get the recipe at Bon Appétit.

If you’re not interested unless it involves cheese:

41. Butternut Squash & Cheddar Bread Pudding

If stuffing and mac ‘n’ cheese had a baby it would look like this. Get the recipe at Bon Appétit.

43. Bacon & Caramelized Onion Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Get the recipe at The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

If it’s all about the bread:

If cranberry sauce is the real attraction:

52. Candied Mandarin Oranges With Cranberries

Get the recipe at Bon Appétit.

55. Grand Marnier-Spiked Cranberry & Pear Compote

Get the recipe at A Cozy Apron.

If you think sides are just a distraction until dessert:

56. Sweet Potato Casserole With Bourbon

Get the recipe at Chow.

59. Roasted Sweet Potatoes With Pecan Streusel

Get the recipe at Better For You.

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