From Drab To Fab: 48 DIYs For Average Tin Cans

    Warhol was on to something with his tin can fanaticism — these versatile little containers can be used to make everything from flower vases to napkin rings to wine racks. A helpful hint for ALL of the below projects: invest in one of these can openers that creates a smooth (not sharp) opening.

    1. Wine Rack

    2. Art Supply Caddy

    3. Can-dle Lanterns

    4. Beer Holders

    5. Bling Pencil Pot

    6. Vase, Toothbrush Holder, and More...

    7. Can Clock

    8. Upcycled Mugs

    9. Stamp Can Containers

    10. Bake Mini Cakes

    11. Or Boston Brown Bread

    12. Desk Drawer Storage

    13. Mini Bongos

    14. Plant Markers

    15. Wind Chime

    16. Advent Calendar

    17. Sideways Storage

    18. Pendant Lights

    19. Crushed Can Decor

    20. Hang Bouquets

    21. Make Robots

    22. Get Your Grill On

    23. Create a Cake Stand

    24. Table Numbers

    25. Lamp Shade

    26. Jack O'lanterns

    27. Cork-Wrapped Pencil Holders

    28. Recycled Wreath

    29. Biscuit Cutters

    30. Tin Pin Cushion

    31. Dented Planters

    32. Yarn Holder

    33. Chalkboard Tins

    34. Windsock

    35. Yarn-Wrapped Candle Holders

    36. DIY Cookie Cutters

    37. Tin Can Bouquet

    38. Cute Kitchen Container

    39. Speakers

    40. Leaf Ornaments

    41. Napkin Rings

    42. Build a Birdhouse

    43. Tin Can Knitter

    44. Perpetual Calendar and Pencil Holder

    45. Newlywed Car Decor

    46. Statement Bracelet

    47. Soap Dispenser

    48. Warhol-Inspired Flower Vases

    Pippa Armbrester is a quilt maker and designer. Follow her adventures in quilting and life on her website.