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52 Meticulous Organizing Tips To Rein In The Chaos

You're better than your mess.

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11. Make a coaster tray for designated glasses.

Each person gets their own cup and coaster, and it's their job to clean their cup. Way better than a bunch of dirty cups ending up in the sink every night.

32. The hardware store is your friend when it comes to organizing the little things, like office or craft supplies.

Or medication or coffee and tea supplies. The possibilities are endless. An organizer like this costs about $16 from Home Depot.

37. Another clever magnetic strip idea: glue washers to the bottom of plastic containers and stick them to a magnetic strip.

You can use the cheap plastic containers from Glad for an inexpensive way to organize your little bits and bobs.

43. Have a master hamper control center instead of individual hampers for each person.

The laundry will arrive pre-sorted. Hopefully. Which is a lot easier than walking room to room, collecting hampers, and sorting everything.