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    Khloé Kardashian Tried The "Hot Ones" Interview Challenge, And Things Got A Little, Erm, Spicy

    "I'm literally crying."

    Now, you're likely aware that Hot Ones is a show that combines hot questions with even hotter wings*. Khloé Kardashian is someone who does not typically eat chicken nor hot sauce. So what could possibly go wrong when Khloé and Hot Ones combined???

    Khloe at the met gala

    Things started off quite well! There was even a bit of chicken-based flirting!

    khloe saying, its getting hotter i dont know if its you or the wings

    Alas, things took a turn when hot sauce Da' Bomb — the Achilles' heel of many a hot sauce aficionado, coming in at 135,600 units — was busted out.

    khloe asking why people do this

    And oh the tears, how they begin to fall.

    Khloe tearing up with mascara around her eyes

    Khloé even has to assure someone off camera that she's "fine."

    Khloe with mascara on her face saying she's fine

    All is well!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Khloe saying, thats the point of this right now

    Personally, it's giving me this:

    Now, I'm not saying that someone off-screen then touches up Khloé's makeup by the time she answers the question (what cocktail she'd pair with Da' Bomb). Maybe she just has very little fear when it comes to eyes and spice hands! Or is extremely accurate with a tissue!

    Khloe sitting in front of the sauces looking fresh with perfect make up again

    As for Khloé's "wings of death" cocktail pairing, it's a culinary delight:

    "tequila - to kill ya"

    You can see how Khloé fared with the other wings and spicy questions here.

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