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One Of The Most Disgusting Hockey Injuries You'll Ever See

Taking a skate to the face never ends well. (Warning: Graphic Images).

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Hockey players are notoriously tough, but some injuries will make the even the most rugged player wince. Sébastien Courcelles, the captain of Thetford-Mines Isothermic of Quebec's Ligue Nord-Americaine de Hockey, experienced one of those injuries over the weekend when a skate caught his left cheek and caused a 13-centimeter gash.

According to the LNAH website, the wound required 50 stitches and over two hours of surgery to close. The image below is of Sébastien's brother Simon helping him off the ice. It is extremely graphic. You've been warned.

Despite the brutal injury Courcelles appears to be in good spirits and hopes to be back on the ice soon.

h/t CBS Sports via Deadspin.

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