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28 Gifts For People Who Love Words

Don't worry — it's not just books.

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2. A scarf with the text of a literature-obsessed word lover's favorite book.


Now you can accessorize Willa Cather's gorgeous prose.

Get it for $39 at Litographs. (They also have posters, totes, T-shirts, and temporary tattoos!)

3. A phone case for travelers that lets you communicate wherever you are, in any language.


Because sometimes you really gotta go, and you just want to be able to point to a toilet.

Get it for $22 at Iconspeak.

4. An online subscription to their favorite style manual, like AP Stylebook or the Chicago Manual of Style.

The Associated Press, Chicago Manual of Style

Because language nerds should always be at their most stylish.

Get AP for a year for $26, and CMOS for a year for $35.

7. A poster for that person who loves classic novels as much as they love grammar.

8. A throw pillow that says "I love you" in American Sign Language.

12. These stickers that can do the talking for someone at a loss for words.

gillianembers / Redbubble, pigmentandply / Etsy

Get the Chomskyan sticker for $2.26+ from gilliamembers on Redbubble, and the comma-crazy one for $3.50 from pigmentandply on Etsy.

16. Punctuation-themed jewelry for those who want to wear their pedantry proudly.

makepienotwar / Etsy, BookLoverGifts / Etsy

Get the ampersand bracelets starting at $33 from makepienotwar on Etsy.

And get the quotation mark earrings for $15.40 from BookLoverGifts on Etsy (also available in gold and rose gold).

18. Register them for a language conference, like the American Copy Editors Society's annual gathering.

This year's is in St. Petersburg, Florida, March 23–25, 2017.

Registration starts at $110 for student members if you get in by Jan. 31.

Find other editing conferences here, and linguistics conferences here.

20. Tea towels for anyone who wants to properly (and subtly) punctuate their hand-drying or spill-cleaning.

21. A subscription to Babel, a quarterly magazine all about language.

23. Books for someone who likes a side of beautiful illustration with their words.

Ten Speed Press, Chronicle Books

Because there's almost nothing better.

Get Ella Frances Sanders' illustrations of untranslatable words for $10.56 on Amazon from Ten Speed Press.

And get Yee-Lum Mak and Kelsey Garrity-Riley's collab on wonderfully useful words for $10.96 on Amazon from Chronicle Books.

24. Or books for people who love to read about how others approach language.

McGraw-Hill Education, W. W. Norton & Company

From the Washington Post's The Slot, Bill Walsh, and The New Yorker's comma queen, Mary Norris.

Get Lapsing Into a Comma for $14.02 at Amazon.

And get Between You and Me for $8.68 at Amazon.

25. Or reference guides for the pedant who's all work and no play.

26. A pack of red pens for the editors who can't help themselves.

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