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37 Absurd Kitchen Gadgets You Definitely Need In Your Life

If you don't think you need an automatic donut maker, you're not being honest with yourself.

1. Mini Kegerator Refrigerator & Draft Beer Dispenser, $159.99.

2. The Authentic Twinkie Maker, $29.95.


What if Hostess shuts down again? WHAT THEN!?

3. Automatic Pancake Maker, $3,700.

4. Egg Cuber, $11.99.

5. 3D Latte Art Gun, $47.99.


For your next latte art duel.

6. 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer, $9.95.

7. Automatic Mini Donut Factory, $149.99.

8. Waffle Bowl Maker, $15.41.

9. Pizza Box Oven, $59.99.


🙌 🙌 🙌

10. Caramel & Candy Apple Maker, $27.95.

11. The Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer, $49.95.

Yup, you fully understand what's happening here.

12. Sunnyside Egg Shaper, $12.

13. Electric Ice Cream Sandwich Maker, $149.00.

14. Rösle Cherry Pitter, $39.30.


For those mountains of cherries you consume on the reg.

15. Soft Pretzel Factory, $39.94.

16. The Only Three Course Electric Steamer, $249.95.


Hard to believe there's only one of these.

17. Electric S'Mores Maker, $49.95.

18. The Monogrammed Barbecue Branding Iron, $58.95.


Never accidentally eat someone else's meat again!

19. The Authentic Southern Sweet Tea Brewer, $49.95.

20. Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge, $149.99.


Mother always said, "Only eat food that's been bathed in a green glow."

21. The Chill Maintaining Margarita Glass, $79.95.


Maintain your chill.

22. The Instant French Fry Slicer, $69.95.

23. Fiesta Series Taco Toaster, $21.56.

24. Electric Rabbit Corkscrew With Built-In Foil Cutter, $42.85.

25. The Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor, $69.95.


For those late-night banana sludge cravings.

26. The 10-Egg Steamer, $49.95.


When have you NOT needed to steam ten eggs at once?

27. The Taste Enhancing Forks, $59.95.


This fork "exploits the relationship between taste and smell by releasing different aromas that enhance the flavors of food." So...there's that.

28. The Countertop Snow Cone Machine, $59.95.


Get an amusement park-worthy brain freeze without leaving the comfort of your kitchen!

29. Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Set, $195.


What's a picnic without espresso? (Answer: Just a meal eaten outside on a blanket.)

30. Table Tap, $249.


Every drink should feel like science class.

31. Brookstone Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer, $79.99.

"Excuse me, I have to take this: It's my steak."

32. The Professional Microbrewery, $45,000.


Become the craft brewer you were meant to be.

33. The Marshall Amp Fridge, $399.99.

Might as well get a guitar while you're at it!

34. The Authentic Languiole Champagne Sabre, $199.95.


C'mon, IT'S ON SALE.

35. The Only Indoor Rotisserie Turkey Fryer, $279.95.


How did ever you have Thanksgiving before this!?

36. Glass Tank Self-Refilling Glass, $319.


Pouring another glass is for peasants.

37. The Robotic Bartender, $25,000.

If the goal of the approaching robot revolution is to get us all drunk, so be it.

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