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22 Reasons We'll Miss Joan Rivers

The world just a got a lot less funny and a lot less honest.

The outspoken comedian died today at age 81.

1. She paved the way for women in comedy and television.

2. And women in general.

3. She knew who she was.

4. And she wasn't afraid to make fun of herself.

5. She knew what really mattered.

6. She encouraged people to be who they were.

7. As long as they weren't doing harm.

8. She knew the hard truths.

9. And she told people what they didn't want to hear.

10. Because she knew what true friendship was.

11. She could hold her own no matter who she was talking to.

12. She also actually said what she thought about celebrities.

13. And was a true journalist.

14. She was up on the most important trends.

15. She was selfless.

16. She completely (and hilariously) revolutionized the red carpet.

17. She got high on national television at 78 (using a monkey pipe).

18. Because she was down for whatever.

19. And knew how to throw down.

20. She wasn't afraid to let us in.

21. She never forgot where she came from.

22. And she taught us never to slow down and to never give up.