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22 Reasons We'll Miss Joan Rivers

The world just a got a lot less funny and a lot less honest.

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The outspoken comedian died today at age 81.

1. She paved the way for women in comedy and television.

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2. And women in general.

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3. She knew who she was.

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4. And she wasn't afraid to make fun of herself.

5. She knew what really mattered.

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6. She encouraged people to be who they were.

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7. As long as they weren't doing harm.

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8. She knew the hard truths.

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9. And she told people what they didn't want to hear.

10. Because she knew what true friendship was.

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11. She could hold her own no matter who she was talking to.

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12. She also actually said what she thought about celebrities.

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13. And was a true journalist.

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14. She was up on the most important trends.

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15. She was selfless.

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16. She completely (and hilariously) revolutionized the red carpet.

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17. She got high on national television at 78 (using a monkey pipe).

18. Because she was down for whatever.

19. And knew how to throw down.

20. She wasn't afraid to let us in.

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21. She never forgot where she came from.

22. And she taught us never to slow down and to never give up.

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