Here Are 17 Hilarious Tweets About The 2023 Golden Globes That Will Keep Me Up Tonight Laughing

    TBH, I might be up all night laughing at these.

    One of my favorite things to do while watching an award show is to scroll Twitter and see all the funny gossip people are writing on there.

    Jennifer Coolidge saying "this is really a fun night"

    And I, of course, kept my tradition going with the 2023 Golden Globes. So without further ado, here are 17 tweets about the 2023 Golden Globes that made me laugh out loud:

    MJ Rodriguez saying, "too many great options, too little time"


    Is Colin Farrell trying to pick up Ana de Armas on this stage? Respect #GoldenGlobes2023

    Twitter: @dcsarahe


    I don't even need an awards show. just keep Jennifer Coolidge on stage and have her tell funny stories about her life #GoldenGlobes

    Twitter: @SpencerAlthouse


    Can they pls just tell me if Diego and Andor won pls I’m tired #GoldenGlobes2023

    Twitter: @jenniekimsbitch / Via E!


    No one dares to start playing the piano on Steven #GoldenGlobes2023

    Twitter: @Shorty82080891


    the golden globes editing team’s omission of a single haunted mansion clip from Eddy Murphy’s career montage was an attack against me personally

    Twitter: @theallyreyes


    it would’ve been hilarious if austin butler switched off the elvis voice mid-acceptance speech for the award

    Twitter: @korysverse


    i need bars to screen awards shows the way they do football games

    Twitter: @gelrdrgz


    I would like nothing more than for Jennifer Coolidge to visit the Avatar set and tell us about it.

    Twitter: @veilleuxwho


    It’s the way everyone keeps using the #GoldenGlobes stage as a chance to talk directly to Rihanna LOL

    Twitter: @SylviaObell


    me when i see Jenna Ortega tonight at the Golden Globe awards

    Twitter: @boymolish


    Eddy Murphy looking like he rather be at home on the couch watching them honor him #GoldenGlobes 😂

    Twitter: @almondmilkpapii


    Can’t imagine the violent vibe shift that must occur when Sean Penn walks in a room

    Twitter: @codymonster91


    Twitter: @gelrdrgz


    Quinta Brunson cutting off her own Golden Globes speech because she saw Brad Pitt in the audience…a MOOD “Comedy brings people together. Comedy gives us all the same laugh-- hey, Brad Pitt!”

    Twitter: @SpencerAlthouse


    what. thefuck was the nominations cut off date for these globes half of these movies came out 3 days ago

    Twitter: @McConnortock


    Courtney B. Vance during Angela Bassett's speech (Obsessed) #GoldenGlobes

    Twitter: @AlexAwritergirl


    lord grant me the ability to give as few fucks as Jerrod Carmichael

    Twitter: @christress