Pro Football Player Tweets Photo Of Finger Severed During Game

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered if you’d rather look at fuzzy animals. WARNING: As the title suggests, there is a photo of a badly mangled finger in here.

1. Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson severed one of his fingers yesterday in his team’s loss to New Orleans. This is a photo of a baby sloth.

Itsuo Inouye / AP

2. Johnson said the tip of his left middle finger just broke off during a random play. This is a GIF of a dog in a bowl.

3. Johnson had surgery Sunday night and may come back in a few weeks’ time. This is a sea otter dunking a basketball.

4. OK, if you really want to see what his finger looked like before the operating table, scroll down one more.

Arizona Cardinals


During #AZvsNO, #AZCardinals S @49foyamind49 lost the tip of his left middle finger. Here it is bandaged post-op.

/ Via

5. Really? Fine.

Vladimir Melnik / Shutterstock

6. That’s what a severed finger looks like in the National Football League. Didn’t even get it caught in a helmet or anything. It just broke off.

7. As you were.

janinajaak / Shutterstock

8. Thanks for your attention.

China Photos / Getty Images News

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