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    Posted on Jul 2, 2014

    There's A Bunch Of Guys Trying To Make Dancing With A Fake Penis A Thing And It's Ridiculous

    What has this world become?

    It's been dubbed "wubbing," and the stars of this bizarre mini-documentary claim it's a hot new dance craze. But is wubbing really the next twerking, or is it a comedy troupe's latest stunt?

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    The video has already sparked mixed reactions on YouTube, with many users asking if the video is a joke.

    IDCALIFE / Via

    One user said, "This is the future of dance, and human culture. These kids have a bright future ahead of them."

    IDCALIFE / Via

    But when you try to access the wubbing website, all the internal pages seem to redirect to McDonalds' official website. Hmm... Weird.

    This site is in no way affiliated with our brand and we are evaluating our options concerning the misdirected links.

    Real or fake, you can be the judge.

    IDCALIFE / Via