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22 H&M Outfits That Probably Shouldn't Have Seen The Light Of Day

They don't know when to stop.

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1. When they conceived this T-shirt, handily pre-eaten by moths.

Damn H&M... Yall took this design way too far.

2. When they'd already put money into investing in moths to pre-hole their clothes, so they just had to run with it despite a lack of enthusiasm from the customer base.

4. When they tipped a bunch of random words all over this perfectly decent denim skirt.

I've seen some sights in my time working @ H&M but this really is too far now, doesn't make any sense, nae correlat…

U OK hun?

5. When everything, literally everything, had to be squad goals.

6. When they designed this special hat with a brim as wide as Saturn's rings.

You could decapitate people with that thing.

7. When it was hard to tell if they were fucking artistic geniuses, or had just taken things that little bit too far.

Okay H&M, Biggie leggings are either genius or a bridge too far

8. When the design department created the futuristic concept of "fake nail rings".

Can't see it catching on.

9. When they thought women might wear this.

@_Thomoose @charlthompson_ guys.... H&M have gone too far.

Hey everyone! I'm selling my puss for $$$!

11. When they knitted this poorly thought through beanie.


13. When they just threw a bunch of random Star Wars images at a T-shirt and hoped it made sense (it didn't).

These shirts at H&M make no sense. What is this? @DuaneFinleyMMA

14. When one of the designers had this, like, really cool, really groovy, down-with-the-kids idea for a new slogan tee.

.@BuzzFeed oh my god h&m what is this

This is, like, such a 21st-century T-shirt.

15. When they made this genious spelling mistake.

H&M’s Embarrassing Spelling Mistake On T-Shirts: via @moneyaol

16. When they just went too damn far.

*shopping at H&M* Me: oh this looks cute *pulls out shirt* Me: wtf

17. When this perfectly good black jumper was spoiled by this unnecessary label.

H&M always take it too far, just noticed this on the hem of a very casual jumper 😶

19. When they had some ideas for the future of menswear, but for some reason it didn't catch on.

I love H&M and all, but wtf is this

21. When they made this T-shirt a reality.