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39 Amazing Things That Will Make You Fall In Love With Portland, Maine

Just because it doesn't have its own TV show ...

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1. The baked goods at Tandem.

Tandem is a super popular coffee place that's run by a couple who moved to Portland from Brooklyn a couple years ago. They roast their own beans and they also have amazing baked goods. They recently opened a second location in an old gas station.

2. The oysters at Eventide Oyster Co.

They source their food locally, and are particularly known for their oyster selection.

3. The entire seafood situation at J's Oyster.

This is where the locals go to be by the water and eat steamers or seafood. It's run by fishermen's wives — i.e. there are amazing women running the show — and it's cheaper than most other seafood places in the area.

4. All of the beautiful and delicious creations at Central Provisions.

It's pretty much the talk of the town right now — they have won numerous restaurant awards. It's fairly expensive, but if you want to treat yourself, it's worth it.

5. Bard Coffee's nitro brew.

It's a cool vibe, they have amazing coffee, and they're known for their nitro iced coffees.

6. The amazing tapas at Lolita.

The locals love this small, tapas-style place. Understandably: It was named Eater Maine's Restaurant of the Year in 2014.

7. The cheap Thai at Boda after 9 p.m.

That's when they do a discounted menu! People love this cutesy, woodsy Thai place, and it's right downtown.

8. All of the wonderfully wacky vegan options at Silly's.

It's a very creative vegan/vegetarian restaurant with sooo much on the menu.

9. The BYOB thing at Schulte & Herr.

It's an adorable German restaurant, and the owners are super cute, too. They have awesome brunch — dishes range from the German breakfast plate to a Sunday roast — and their dinner menu is equally delicious.

10. The famous cure-all egg sandwiches at Ohno Café.

It's a fun vibe, and they serve egg sandwiches ALL DAY. They also sell beer and wine to take home (not to have there).

11. All of the local chef spottings at Blue Spoon.

It's a cute, small family-run place that all the local chefs love. It only seats about 20 people and has a small menu. They also have a wine night where you can get $2.50 glasses!

12. The hot servers at Portland Hunt & Alpine Club.

They are not pictured to protect their privacy, but word on the street among the locals is that the servers at this bar are sooo attractive. #JustSayin...

(And they also have delicious cocktails and snacks.)

13. The legendary brunch at Bayside American Café.

Previously called Bintliffs, this place is a legendary brunch spot. You usually have to wait a bit for a table, but it's so worth it. Documented evidence above.

15. The homemade kombucha at Urban Farm Fermentory.

They market themselves as the first "fermentory," i.e. a place that brews kombucha, cider, and mead. It's a fun — and definitely funky — atmosphere.

17. Like BUNKER Brewing Co.

It's a quintessential microbrewery in a cute and tiny brick building in an industrial area of Portland. In the outdoor months, it has an awesome picnic table and corn hole set up outside, and there's often live music and food trucks. One caveat: It's usually only open Thursday through Saturday, so make it a weekend thing.

18. And Rising Tide Brewing Co.

This brewery has longer hours than BUNKER, so it's more of a sure bet — and just as delicious.

19. And Oxbow Brewery.

Facebook: oxbowbeer

This brewery is in an old warehouse building and has a huge outdoor venue, so it's great for big groups. They're known for their Belgian-style brews, and also for the fact that they brew some of their beers with live lobster!

21. The reliably fun events at The Great Lost Bear.

It's a cozy bar with about 70 beers on tap, and an always-rotating selection. They also have events most nights, like a brewery tap takeover where a brewery comes in and showcases a bunch of their beers for $2.99 a pint.

22. The insane beer selection at Novare Res Bier Cafe.

Located in the Old Port, Novare Res has more than 100 types of beers, and has outdoor seating with corn hole. Not surprisingly, beer ~connoisseurs~ are everywhere.

23. The epic 80s dance parties at Bubba's Sulky Lounge.

It's a big dance hall with an oldschool 80s light-up dance floor, and they have a Friday night 80s night where you get in free if you're wearing 80s garb. They even play the music video of every 80s song they play.

24. The dark underground vibe at Bramhall.

It's an old establishment that closed a few years ago and just re-opened. It's downstairs, so it has a dark, cavern/speakeasy vibe, complete with brick and lots of candles. They have drinks and a small food menu.

25. The arcade games at Arcadia National Bar.

It's kind of a youngish crowd, and very laid back — so it's perfect for a night of cheap entertainment. They have old school and new school arcade games and pinball machines, and good local beers on tap.

26. Just biking around the city and enjoying the view.

27. The city's gorgeous sunsets.

28. The picturesque view at Fort Williams Park.

Located in Cape Elizabeth, about 15 minutes from Portland, Fort Williams is a gorgeous coastal park that has a mini cliff walk and a beach. The lighthouse there is allegedly one of the most photographed in the world, and there are open fields to play games. In the summer, there's a lobster roll food truck called "Bite into Maine" that has affordable rolls.

29. Running along the Eastern Prom.

It's a popular historic waterfront park in the city with about 68 acres of land, where pretty much everyone hangs out. For more info on Eastern Prom trails, check out the non-profit organization Portland Trails' website.

31. Taking a dip at East End Beach, Portland's only public beach.

It's a pebble beach right along the edge of the Eastern Promenade.

33. Strolling through the Old Port, Portland's downtown district.

34. Hiking along the Presumscot River.

It's right outside of Portland, and it has tons of trails. Here's how to get there, and here's more info on the trails there.

35. The Portland Farmer's Market in Deering Oaks.

This is the market where all the locals go. It runs from April to November, and then there is one in winter, too (the location for winter is TBD).

36. The cute shops at the Old Port.

There are a whole bunch of cobblestone streets filled with funky shops and eateries.

37. And the awesome consignment shopping, too.

Material Objects and Find are two great stores!

38. The eclectic exhibits at Space Gallery.

It's a nonprofit contemporary art space with constantly-rotating exhibitions, and they always have fun events going on.

39. And the plays at Mayo Street Arts.

It's a community art space on the eastern side of town, where they do music concerts and plays.

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