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    We're Finally Getting A First Look At The Film That Introduced Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly And, Wow, It's Intense

    This is where it all started for Megan and MGK.

    Things are getting heated between Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly — onscreen, that is.

    Megan and Machine Gun Kelly pose together at an event

    Fans are finally getting a first look at the couple's big-screen debut in the shocking first trailer for Midnight in the Switchglass.

    MGK inches closer to Megan in a screenshot from the film

    Midnight in the Switchglass follows two FBI agents who team up with a Florida state cop to catch a serial killer who abducts young girls from truck stops.

    Megan holds up a gun in the film

    Things take a turn for the worse when a sting operation goes wrong and one of the agents, played by Megan, is abducted herself.

    A man touches Megan's face while she winces in a screenshot from the film

    At one point in the trailer, Megan and MGK go head-to-head, with Megan even taking a swing at her IRL boyfriend.

    The couple actually met while filming the upcoming thriller and it's kind of a surprise things turned romantic considering their intense onscreen relationship.

    "I don't know if people understand what a good actor he is. He is so charismatic, and he's so naturally gifted, and he's so intense," Megan told ET of her costar-turned-significant other.

    MGK looks back while heading out of a door in a screenshot from the film

    The film also features Bruce Willis, Emile Hirsch, and Lukas Haas.

    Emile walks into a bar and looks concerned in a screenshot from the film

    Midnight in the Switchglass is set to be released on July 23. Watch the entire trailer below.

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