61 Images Of Animals That Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile

    If you're having a rough day, these guys are here to put a smile on your face. If you're already having a good day, then it's about to get a whole lot better.

    1. This pooch ironing a shirt for a job interview (probably).

    2. This kitty welcoming a tiny chick into the warm embrace of her arm.

    3. This koala who has made it out of the eucalyptus tree and into the driver's seat.

    4. This pizza lover.

    5. These buns out for a joyride (and the one in the back who is kind of concerned about the whole thing).

    6. This gentleman all dressed up in his nice overalls.

    7. This pair of siblings separated at birth.

    8. This puppy being knighted by his elders.

    9. This mama making sure her little one stays out of trouble.

    10. This bucket of puppies. BUCKET. OF. PUPPIES.

    11. This pup testing the limits of her new metal crate.

    12. These two lovebirds caught in an embrace.

    13. This tiny alien, who some are claiming is a pug, making contact with the human species for the first time.

    14. This two-part tale of a dog finally learning to let go and just enjoy life.

    15. Corgnelius trying on his new outfit.

    16. The greatest pool party that has ever taken place.

    17. This cat discovering a taste for Japanese cuisine.

    18. This vicious attack.

    19. This lil' fella just popping out of his box to say hello.

    20. These kittens practicing their grooming habits.

    21. This majestic creature who doesn't quite realize that there is glass in the way.

    22. These extremely polite dogs paying tribute to the benevolent Food Goddess.

    23. These two pups who have just given up for the day.

    24. This pup's very first snow day.

    25. These immensely proud parents showing off their young ones.

    26. This lovely lady putting the Mona Lisa to shame.

    27. This duck enjoying a nice vacuuming.

    28. This pooch struggling to uncurl herself.

    29. These friends sitting down for a nice meal.

    30. The most smiley friends you'll ever see.

    31. The greatest mail delivery that has ever happened.

    32. This cat (on the left) sitting with an exact copy of herself in pumpkin form (on the right).

    33. This dog squeezing a balloon as hard as possible without making it pop.

    34. This feline hugging his prized possession closer.

    35. The widest smile of all time.

    36. This thirsty sheep.

    37. This owl, who has seen some stuff, man...

    38. The most adorably full pocket of all time.

    39. This interspecies cuddle puddle.

    40. These bathtime aficionados.

    41. These two fast friends.

    42. This pooch wishing you farewell.

    43. This bunny who doesn't play by your stupid human rules.

    44. This proud wedding party.

    45. This dog who isn't totally sure he understands why he is being licked right now.

    46. This actual burrito (note: possibly a dog, but most likely a burrito).

    47. This cat showing some incredulous dogs how a real ~Sk8eR puNk~ does it.

    48. This accurate representation of every single person after a long day of work.

    49. This gardener tending to his plants.

    50. This...bird? Yes, definitely a bird.

    51. This depiction of the passage of time.

    52. These dogs learning to share, even though you kind of know they aren't happy about it.

    53. These two pups doing their best to take up as little space on the couch as possible.

    54. The giraffe who just wanted to stop by and say hello.

    55. This badass who will wear her sunglasses whenever she damn well pleases.

    56. This puppy discovering the wonders of running barefoot through a field of flowers.

    57. This well-known politician meeting President Obama.

    58. This seal who definitely isn't just a dog in a costume, it's a real seal, OK?

    59. This hamster enjoying a little bit of spaghetti because he has a refined palate.

    60. This pooch really enjoying his kitten friend's sense of humor.

    61. And this kitty taking a short nap in her favorite bucket.

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