Robert Downey Jr. And Gwyneth Paltrow’s Most Adorable Moments

Gwyneth may be Star Magazine’s most hated celebrity, but RDJ only has love for her. BFFs forever.

1. When Robert bit Gwyneth’s sleeves:

ID: 1145564

3. When they struck a pose together on the red carpet:

ID: 1144927

5. When Gwyneth complimented Robert’s butt:

ID: 1145552

7. When they tell each other secrets:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
ID: 1145037

8. How Gwyneth keeps Robert grounded:

ID: 1145443

14. When Robert kisses Gwyneth on the cheek:

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
ID: 1145071
ID: 1144947

18. When Robert makes Gwyneth laugh:

ID: 1145470

21. When Robert was Gwyneth’s human purse:

ID: 1146044

25. When Robert wants all eyes on Gwyneth:

ID: 1144895
Kevin Winter / Getty Images
ID: 1145104

30. When Gwyneth couldn’t remember if she slapped Robert:

ID: 1145517

33. When they hold hands:

Mike Marsland / Getty Images
ID: 1145042
ID: 1144884
Mike Marsland / Getty Images
ID: 1145059

36. When Robert was too busy smiling at Gwyneth to answer a question:

ID: 1145499

39. How Gwyneth thinks of Robert as a brother:

ID: 1145728

40. When they smile at each other:

Sean Gallup / Getty Images
ID: 1145124
Kevin Winter / Getty Images
ID: 1145133

43. When they play fight with each other:

ID: 1145611

45. How Gwyneth is the Pepper to Robert’s Tony:

ID: 1145606

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