The 35 Things You Do At Catdance

The first annual Catdance Film Festival was held in Park City, Utah, this past week, and I was lucky enough to attend. This is what goes down at a film festival dedicated to cats.

1. Watch cats.

ID: 824721

2. Check out the DJ.

ID: 824705

3. Realize it’s the older brother from “Malcolm in the Middle.”

ID: 824746

4. Freak out.

ID: 824888

5. Text all of your friends that the DJ at the party you’re at is the older brother from “Malcolm in the Middle.”

ID: 824743

6. Wonder what he’s been up to all these years and why he’s DJ’ing at Catdance.

ID: 824745

7. Look cute in your new cat hat.

ID: 824758

8. Watch cats.

ID: 824717

9. Drink as many cat cocktails as you possibly can before the open bar ends.

I recommend the Feline Fresh.

ID: 824702

10. Wonder why AnnaLynne McCord’s sexy cat pose looks like this.

ID: 824695

11. Watch cats.

ID: 824719

12. Eat tomato soup.

ID: 824703

13. Watch cats.

ID: 824754

14. Admire the films that came before.

ID: 824741

15. Watch cats.

ID: 824716

16. Critique the cats.

ID: 824867

17. Watch more cats.

ID: 824704

18. Learn about the inspiration and directorial process for the cat films from the directors themselves.

ID: 824727

19. Watch Annalynne really connect with the filmmakers.

ID: 824790

20. Hate on dogs.

ID: 824751

21. Be jealous of the filmmakers for getting golden poop scoopers.

ID: 824733

22. Watch cats.

ID: 824722

23. Take a picture like this.

ID: 824734

24. Watch cats.

ID: 824711

25. Get a giant tramp stamp of cat paws.

ID: 824736

26. Try to go to the litter box.

ID: 824737

27. Cry because the line is so goddamn long.

ID: 824739

28. Bump ‘n’ grind.

ID: 824742

29. Watch cats.

ID: 824726

30. Bump ‘n’ grind some more.

ID: 824744

31. Wonder if a ball of yarn is really the equivalent of an orgasm for cats.

ID: 824752

32. Think about how cool it is that Catdance exists.

ID: 824689

33. Watch a ball of yarn.

ID: 824697

34. Get a bag from a woman in a onesie.

ID: 824760

35. Wish that every day was Catdance day.


ID: 824731

All pics taken by me.

ID: 824875

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