53 Seriously Life-Changing Clothing Organization Tips

No sweater, shoe, or pair of jeans out of place.

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1. Use cute icons to label kids’ drawers.

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2. Organize your kid’s — or heck, your own — clothes by days of the week!

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3. Assign different seasons of clothes different color hangers in your closet.

Green for spring, blue for summer, and so on, so that you can easily shift your wardrobe in and out each season.

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4. Use hanger tabs to separate clothes into daily outfits

You can make them out of cardboard, discarded cereal boxes, or unwanted CDs.

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5. Use hanging boot and bag racks to save space and storage room.

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6. Or use pants hangers to keep boots off the floor.

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7. Invest in writeable tags.

You can use them on hangers, boxes, and storage bags. (Plus, they look really cute!)

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8. Tired of searching endlessly for matching sheet sets?

Store your flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillow cases in one pillow case from the set. Problem solved!

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9. Need a spot to store your shoes? Try PVC piping!

So mod!

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10. You can also affix the PVC tubes to the wall as neat hanging racks.

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11. Or, you can use cut PVC for storing scarves, belts, or ties in drawers.

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12. Keep a hanger stand in your laundry room so you can easily rehang clean clothes.


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13. Sick of piles of shoes on the bottom of your closet? Create shoe hangers.

Keep shoes off the floor with these nifty, easy-to-make hangers. Short tutorial here.

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14. Double your closet space instantly by using soda can tabs to hook hangers together.

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15. Add-on skirt and pant hangers allow you to waterfall clothes and save space.

Buy ‘em here.

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16. No closet space? Try Huggable Hangers, ultra-slim hangers that’ll help you get extra inches out of your closet.

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17. Lingerie drawer organizers help keep your undergarments on the straight and narrow.

You can find ‘em here and here.

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18. Invest in three-bag laundry bin to allow for pre-sorting laundry.

It’ll make your life a million times easier!

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Another possible option.

(And this one folds up to save space!)

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19. Ladders offer a rustic way to decoratively store the things that won’t fit in your closet.

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20. Clipboards are a stylish, artful way to display your coolest statement necklaces.

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21. Repurpose bathroom hardware to create a DIY jewelry rack

A towel rack and hooks make a handy way to hang up necklaces and store your bracelets, without them getting tangled up in a jewelry box. Find out how to do it here.

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22. Need extra closet space? Build one out of a folding chair.

Here’s a handy tutorial.

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23. Or invest in a decorative garment rack.

And display your weekly outfits that way.

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24. Give missing socks a special place to live.

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25. Upcycle your old wire hangers into colorful non-slip hangers with bright yarn or embroidery floss.

Easy tutorial here.

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26. Or, if you’re not as motivated, you can use pipe cleaners to hold slippery clothes in place.

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27. Rubber bands work really well, too!

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28. Keep your scarves or tights straight by tying them to a hanger.

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29. Or use a string and some clothespins for a more decorative approach.

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30. For super-neat folded clothes or towels, install wooden shelf dividers.

Look how nice everything looks (SO NICE!).

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31. For super-straight rows of folded clothes, invest in a laundry folder.

The perfect fold every time.

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32. Seasons shifting? Store last season’s clothes in vacuum-sealed space bags.

They take up a fraction of the space as regular storage units.

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33. As you’re getting rid of clothes, label different boxes for different potential locations.

The only thing you have to do is drop ‘em off!

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34. If you’ve got wall space in your closet, utilize it.

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35. Total game-changer: belt hangers.

No more searching for a belt at the bottom of your drawer. Get one here.

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36. Use clear shoe boxes to store your precious footwear.

The front handle makes accessing the pair you want easy.

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37. Or simply save your shoe boxes and affix photos of each pair to the front of each box.

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38. Wheeled drawers let you utilize under-the-bed space.

You can make them by finding thrift store drawers and adding casters to them. You can also purchase pre-made drawers here.

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39. Bed risers allow you to maximize under-the-bed storage space.

These are especially great for small dorm rooms!

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40. Repurpose a wine rack as a purse organizer

So decorative and cute!

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41. Or use a handy handbag organizer.

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42. Make the most of your bins by hot-gluing clothespins to them.

That makes it easy to change up your bin labels when you need to.

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43. Adjustable drawer organizers keep your clothes in line.

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44. Storing out-of-season stuff? Designate a smaller, properly labeled bin for each item.

You’ll spend less time looking for the specific item you need later on.

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45. Try this neat hanger trick to figure out which clothes to give away.

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46. Shoe organizers are great for shoes—but they’re also great ways to store socks and underwear

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47. Invest in custom clothing labels to make sure clothes end up in the right closet.

This’ll save you time and frustration, especially if you do multiple family members’ laundry at once.

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48. No dresser? No problem.

These slide ‘n’ stacks let you neatly fold your sweaters and shirts — and you can hang them too. Get them here.

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49. Turn a hanging closet organizer on its side and use for shoe or bag storage.

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50. Use shower hooks to hang jeans.

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51. Or install a slide-out bar for hanging trousers.

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52. Install an extendable valet rod for extra hanger space.

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53. Love your pretty heels? Display (and organize ‘em) with a picture rail shoe rack.

To do: Line the walls of a walk-in closet, bedroom, dressing area with picture-rail molding. You can buy pre-primed pieces and have them cut to fit your space at the store. Paint the molding to match your wall, or paint it in a neat contrast color for a bold accent to your space.

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Go ahead, get started!

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You’ve got some organizing to do!

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