The Life Ball Has The Most Enthusiastic Guests Ever

Featuring the three G’s: Gold, glitter, and glamour. (Warning: NSFW-ish.)

1. The annual charity event held in Vienna, Austria benefitting AIDS victims always brings in a bevy of elaborately costumed guests.


2. This year’s theme was “One Thousand and One Nights.”

SAMUEL KUBANI / Getty Images

3. These people went ALL. OUT.


4. Like a gay Aladdin Halloween.

Hans Punz / AP

6. There was so much glitter.


7. Some would say too much. But they’re wrong.

SAMUEL KUBANI / Getty Images


8. Also enough feathers to put Big Bird to shame.

SAMUEL KUBANI/Stringer / Getty Images
Rainer Eckharter / Rex / Rex USA

10. There were a ton of cute couples in attendance.

Willi Schneider / Rex / Rex USA

11. That often dressed alike.

Via http://Picture%20Perfect / Rex%20USA

12. One even had matching pelvic tattoos.

SAMUEL KUBANI / Getty Images

Tribal pelvic tattoos.

13. Nobody seemed to be shy, even if face-obscuring jewelry made it seem otherwise.


14. It was the definition of fabulous.

Hans Punz / AP

15. There were musical performances, obviously.


And their costumes didn’t disappoint either. Here Azealia Banks wears a fluffy dog face on her torso.

16. More important than Fergie’s performance was this hug she shared with Bill Clinton.

SAMUEL KUBANI / Getty Images

Obstructed by a large satin baby bump.

17. Another important act featured a burlesque show performed by Katrina Darling.

Sean Gallup/Life Ball 2013/Contributor / Getty Images

18. As in Kate Middleton’s distant cousin Katrina Darling.

Sean Gallup/Life Ball 2013/Contributor / Getty Images

God save the Queen.

19. Like every fantastically gaudy event, Roberto Cavalli was in attendance.

Here he is with Vogue Italia’s editor-in-chief, Franca Sozanni, who wore one of his looks.

20. And he put on a little runway show.

Here Karlina Kurkova is pictured wearing the aforementioned accoutrements.

Cavalli’s signature print: tiger.

22. Not only did Cavalli delight and entertain guests, but he designed a custom MINI which when auctioned off raised €150,000 (almost $200,000.)

His custom car features an “interior swathed in black, with individual gilded elements—such as the decorative stitching on the leather seats and animal prints on the leather-lined steering wheel and parts of the instruments.”

23. For more on Vienna’s annual Life Ball visit

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