Should The Fashion Twittosphere Stop Tweeting?

With the chase after the Boston bombing suspect captivating the world, what role should those who have nothing to do with it play?

1. In the midst of the riveting pursuit of the Boston bombing suspect, online retailer Shopbop posted this:

Some things are (way) more important than fashion. Tweets on hold as we follow the developments in Boston. #BostonStrong #NYlovesB— Shopbop

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2. Shopbop typically tweets about fashion items they love. This posting from a day ago, before the chase in Boston began, is typical for the company’s feed.

The higher the heel, the closer to heaven— Shopbop

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3. So, should the entire fashion twittosphere follow Shopbop’s example? A debate is being waged over whether or not fashion tweets should be suspended as the Boston chase develops. “Lucky” magazine editor John Januzzi jumped in to offer his thoughts.

Umm, do the fashion tweeters realize how shallow and pointless their tweets are compared to those re #boston #terrorists right now?— Cecilia Pagkalinawan

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@CeciliaNY better than spreading wrong information i suppose.— John Jannuzzi

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@johnjannuzzi I couldn’t care less about florals right now or who’s wearing what.— Cecilia Pagkalinawan

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@johnjannuzzi @wwd on the pulse but check out @britishvogue on this screenshot.

— Cecilia Pagkalinawan (@CeciliaNY)

@johnjannuzzi @wwd on the pulse but check out @britishvogue on this screenshot.— Cecilia Pagkalinawan

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@CeciliaNY oh man

— John Jannuzzi (@johnjannuzzi)

@CeciliaNY oh man— John Jannuzzi

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8. Meanwhile, Victoria’s Secret has been trending all morning.

“#Utexaspinkparty” refers to a contest Victoria’s Secret’s Pink line is doing with the University of Texas, that involves asking students to tweet why their school should “win this party” (whatever that means). So while some might argue that tweets by fashion brands/people are grossly insensitive this morning, others might argue a lot of people are still interested in them and that fashion serves as a means of escape from a tragic event.

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9. So, is now the time for fashion tweeters to just shut up?

Or is their role to continue to provide escapist content as the Boston chase unfolds?

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