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Could 2015 Be The Year Of Mass Hedge Fund Closures?

While 2014 saw a near-record number of hedge funds close their doors, experts predict the industry's extinction rate will be even higher this year. It will be especially tough for the small guys.

Goldman: We're Too Big To Sue

The giant bank points to the huge scope of its business as a defense against a pay discrimination suit. Goldman lawyers said there was no evidence of a company-wide policy that disadvantaged women in pay and promotion

CEO Pay Emerges As This Year's Hot Button Issue

Investor discontent for executive compensation packages has caught many corporate boards off guard, particularly since stock prices are generally up, experts say.

Buffett Takes Another Shot At The Hedge Fund Industry

The Oracle of Omaha recently sent a letter to a San Francisco pension plan, advising the $20 billion fund not to invest in hedge funds. It's the latest development in Buffett's tenuous history with the hedge fund world.

"Uber For Investing" Startup Wealthfront Now Has $1 Billion In Assets

The leading automated financial advisory startup has rocketed up from $700 million in assets in February to cross the billion-dollar mark less than four months later, as its young demographic has continued to invest using the algorithm-based technology.

Here's How Hedge Fund Managers Make All That Money

A new report out today from Citi details findings that show hedge fund assets will swell to nearly $6 trillion in the next four years, doubling the size of the industry. At fees of 2% of assets and 20% of profits, members of the at-times controversial industry stand to make a lot of money.

Employees Often End Up The Losers In Activist Investing Campaigns

Experts say that while activist investing campaigns can be great for shareholders, they often result in job losses, stagnating wages, and increased hours for employees. One such example can be seen in the impending integration of Jos. A. Bank into Men's Wearhouse, a merger that resulted from a fiercely contested activist investing campaign.

Short Sellers' New Favorite Platform: Twitter

Hedge fund managers are increasingly tweeting their research and their sharp-edged attacks betting that a company's stock will fall instead of rise, in a medium that was made for stirring up trouble.

Bitcoin Falls Flat Among Davos Crowd

The cybercurrency, which is supposed to make money transfers across the globe easier, is barely on the radar of those gathered at the World Economic Forum this week.

Booze And Broccoli Send Costco Shares Soaring

Sales of fresh foods and liquor drove a strong December performance for Costco. The warehouse club giant is expected to have a very good 2014, according to analyst firm Sterne Agee.

Four Hedge Fund Trends To Watch For In 2014

Hedge funds with the strongest brands should rake in investor cash this year, according to a report out today from hedge fund consultancy Agecroft Partners.


24 Invaluable Skills To Learn For Free Online This Year

Here's an easy resolution: This stuff is all free as long as you have access to a computer, and the skills you learn will be invaluable in your career, and/or life in general.

Meet One Of The Hedge Fund World's Quickest-Rising Stars

Sahm Adrangi, 32, went from pondering a journalism career to managing a $300 million hedge fund. He spoke with BuzzFeed about his career transformation, the climate for hedge funds, and some activist investor campaigns currently being waged.

The 16 Most Important Bitcoinaires

The cybercurrency is deliberately opaque, making it nearly impossible to track who holds it, but a few bitcoin owners have outed themselves proudly. Meet the known — and still-mysterious — bitcoin tycoons.

Investors Hungry For Breakfast And Snack Food Companies

The combination of cheaper grain prices, a crop production surplus, and the end of a drought have Citigroup analysts chomping at the bit about the packaged goods industry, which is poised to have an exceptional 2014.

Whitney Tilson Blasts Education Company K12

The education activist and hedge fund manager is taking a major stand against the online education and tech company by publicly shorting its stock, calling K12's practices and academic results "dismal." And K12's model undermines the charter school movement in which he is deeply entrenched.

9 Things The Winklevoss Twins Taught Me About Bitcoin

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss finally got their moment Tuesday morning to tell the world just how much they love Bitcoin, "the internet of money." Here are the most noteworthy Bitcoin facts imparted to an audience of investors at the Value Investing Congress.

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