I Started Sticking My Extra Money In The Stock Market — Here's What I Learned

    It's time to talk about stonks.

    Disclaimer: I'm not a financial expert by any means. These are just my personal takeaways as a newish investor.

    Let's face it, the stock market is intimidating.

    It wasn't until I was introduced to a mobile do-it-yourself stock trading platform that I felt encouraged to investigate a bit.

    I didn't have the guts or the money lying around to put in a risky investment that needed time to grow, so my first purchase was actually just a tenth of a full stock.

    I found it helpful to subscribe to business newsletters.

    Learning about newly IPO'd companies helped me find investments that have potential to grow.

    I looked into buying stocks of companies in various industries (even if I had never heard of them before).

    I decided to diversify my investments to give myself some protection against loss.

    Finding a balance that works for me and my budget is super important.

    As I gained confidence as an investor, I learned to keep an eye on metrics besides a stock's price.

    I also like to see if any big companies or entrepreneurs have invested in a particular company.

    Even though I started investing with just a little spare cash, it's turned out to be really worthwhile for me.

    This graph shows that Apple's stock price increased in the last month

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