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Tekashi 69 Named Fellow Rappers Jim Jones And Cardi B As Members Of The Bloods Gang While Testifying In Court

The once-rising star cut a deal after being charged with racketeering and drug trafficking crimes for a lighter prison sentence if he cooperated with authorities.

Michael Blackmon • 2 hours ago

If You're Travelling Abroad, This Is The One Item You Need To Pack Before Leaving

The biggest problem Indians have with the First World is a problem no more.


A “Sneaky” Asteroid Narrowly Missed Earth This Summer. Internal Emails Show How NASA Scientists Totally Missed It.

"This one did sneak up on us," one NASA expert wrote in an internal email, two days after the football-field-sized asteroid narrowly missed the planet.

Dan Vergano • 8 hours ago

20 Products I Don't Understand How You've Lived Your Whole Life Without

You aren't gonna want to go another day without these wonders in your life.


Kim Kardashian Delayed Giving Birth By Two Hours So She Could Get An Emergency Manicure

"I really need a nice light pink nail for delivery.’"

Stephen LaConte • 4 hours ago

22 Snapchats From 2017 That Will Make You Laugh Harder Than You Should

Who's to say if 2018 can really top this year, tbh.


17 Things To Help Solve All Your Hairy Girl Problems

Thick hair is a blessing when it's on your head, but can be a chore if you want to remove it from your body.

Valeza Bakolli • 12 hours ago

17 Small Cooking Habits That Can Make A Big Difference

Send this to the aspiring cook in your life.


Just 28 Seriously Cool Things That Are Under $5

Listen. We don't pass up cool, cheap stuff. We just don't.


25 Tweets That Prove Dads Are Funnier Than The Rest Of Us

"My dad was just introduced to Venmo and it's the worst thing ever. He just requested $50 for '2001 tee ball registration fee.'"


Trudeau Apologized After Two Images Of Him In Blackface Emerged — After He Apologized For Partying In Brownface

"Darkening your face, regardless of the context and circumstances, is always unacceptable because of the racist history of blackface," the Canadian prime minister said.

Julia Reinstein • 3 hours ago

9 Life-Changing Products That'll Help You Sleep Better

If your sleep cycle is as wonky as mine, you need this.


41 Things You Should Probably Already Own, But Don't

Reusable silicone bags, motion sensor LED lights to make your basement seem not terrifying, a Halloween cookie cutter set, and more!


Just 8 Of The Coolest Socks You Can Buy On Amazon

Put a sock in it (your shopping list, that is).


23 Small Ways To Make Your Home Feel A Little More Like A Hotel

*Puts on robe, closes curtains, watches HGTV until 4 a.m.*

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