Brain/Heart Matrix: May Round-Up

Find out which BuzzFeed stories from May blew up on Twitter (the brain of the internet) and Facebook (the heart).

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If Twitter is the brain of the social web — lots of chatter, commentary, and argument — then Facebook is the heart — a place for liking, sharing, and emotions. BuzzFeed analyzed a selection of top posts from May to find out what percent of their traffic came from Twitter and what percent came from Facebook. Above, our Brain/Heart Matrix.

Both Brainy And Heartfelt

The top-right quartile

Facebook Still Doesn’t Consider Rape Jokes To Be Hate Speech

The #FBrape hashtag is currently petitioning brands to put pressure on Facebook to remove images promoting rape and sexual assault. WARNING: This post contains graphic content. UPDATE: Facebook has responded to criticism that they were not treating rape advocacy as hate speech.

Brainy But Not Heartfelt

The top-left quartile

George Takei Responds To "Traditional" Marriage Fans

The legendary George Takei responds in the best way possible to the protesters who gathered during March Prop 8/DOMA hearings outside the Supreme Court. BuzzFeed went there to ask them to express their opinions on a pad of paper; now George is weighing in. Can he be any more amazing?

Why Did Jodon Romero Kill Himself On Live Television?

Last September, a car chase through Arizona turned from afternoon diversion to tragedy to referendum on media ethics, but lost in the noise was any sense of who was on the run or why. This is the story behind the spectacle.

Heartfelt But Not Brainy

The bottom-right quartile

Neither Brainy Nor Heartfelt

The bottom-left quartile