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    Posted on 14 août 2015

    8 Posts That Prove BuzzFeed's International Teams Have Got You Covered

    Politics, porn, chocolate, coffee and Harry Potter. Those are the essentials, right?

    1. From Toronto: 12 Invisible Things You May Have Missed At The Leaders Debate


    Turns out politicians' hand gestures are sometimes much more interesting than their words. Lauren Strapagiel decodes Canada's first leaders' debate.

    2. From Mumbai: A Porn Site Just Threw Major Shade At The Modi Government

    Don't mess with the people's porn supply or there will be shade. A porn site (XVideos) told India to vote better next time after the government blocked over 800 porn sites. Sahil Rizwan has the full story.

    3. From London: Can You Identify These Chocolate Bars Based On Their Inside?

    Lynzy Billing / Via BuzzFeed

    How deep is your chocolate knowledge? Take this quiz by Jamie Jones and find out.

    4. From Team Español: 16 Encantadores cafés de Bogotá que tienes que visitar ahora mismo (16 Charming Bogota Cafes You Have To Visit Right Now)

    Via Facebook: pages / Azahar-Coffee / 187565737962618 fref = photo?

    The love for coffee is far-reaching and many will travel to Bogota for a good cup of joe. Daniela Cadena helps the quest with this compelling list of spots to sip at.

    5. From Mexico City: 35 Cosas que cambiarían si Harry Potter sucediera en México (35 Things That Would've Been Different If Harry Potter Was Set In Mexico)

    BuzzFeed / Via

    Mexican Harry Potter? Karla Agis and Pepe H. imagine what the series would be like if it were set in Mexico.

    6. From Berlin: Kannst Du Hessisch? (Can You Hessisch?)


    Ever wondered if you could speak the West German dialect Hessisch? Bet you are now. This quiz by Karsten Schmehl was shared widely (by people in Germany I suspect) and has a viral lift of 43x!

    7. From São Paolo: Mostramos 10 hábitos brasileiros para gringos e eles estranharam tudo (We Asked Non-Brazilians To React To 10 Brazilian Habits And They Found Everything Weird)

    Rafael Campanema asked a few foreigners what they thought about Brazilian habits. The post did really well with a viral lift of 31x. Read it in English here.

    8. From Paris: On a rencontré Cara Delevingne et elle nous a prouvé qu’elle était forte en grimaces (We Met Cara Delevingne And She Showed Us How Gifted She Is At Making Funny Faces)


    Cara Delevingne's face does most of the talking in response to some very important questions asked by Jennifer Padjemi.