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14. Sarabi from The Lion King


She dotes on Simba and never loses her temper when he complains. Gotta say, though, she might not have the best mom instincts. When the Simba and Nala wanted to go to the Water Hole, Nala’s mother seems more suspicious of the idea than Sarabi. Sometimes you gotta say, “Play around here! I know you’re up to no good and I’ll be damned if I let you get killed by hyenas!”

13. King Frederic and Queen Arianna from Tangled


Their grief over losing Rapunzel is palpable, and the fact they still honor her every year by releasing floating lanterns says a lot about how deeply they love her. What’s more, when they reunite with Rapunzel, they welcome Flynn too. We don’t know too much more than that about them, but they will probably be very good parents to Rapunzel as she lives the rest of her life.

12. Marlin from Finding Nemo

Disney / Pixar

Marlin has seen some shit. I mean, he lost his wife and, like, 399 children. An experience like that will change a man, er, fish, so it's understandable that he's an overprotective worrywart. But Marlin loves Nemo with every fiber of his being, and gladly went to the ends of the Earth, er, ocean, to save him. He may be an imperfect parent, but he's a damn good one.

11. Bambi’s Mother in Bambi


We don’t know too much about Bambi’s mother, but she is clearly a very loving and protective mom who teaches her son how to survive in the forest. Tragically, she ends up, essentially, giving her life for her child. She would likely be ranked higher if we knew more about her.

10. Pongo and Perdita from 101 Dalmatians


Not only do they go the extra mile and risk their lives to save their kids, but when they learn there are 84 other dalmatians Cruella might kill, they adopt them! Gotta say, any parents who are willing to raise 99 kids are pretty impressive, if you ask us!

9. James from Princess and the Frog


James had a lot of frustrated dreams in life, but is always a devoted father. He teaches his daughter about cooking, and, more importantly, to work hard for what she wants in life. Together they have a shared dream of opening a restaurant — something Tiana never forgets, even after his death. Following his example, she works hard for years until she finally opens a restaurant in his honor. Her undying love and appreciation shows he is a top-rate dad.

8. Helen Parr from The Incredibles

Disney / Pixar

Like her husband, Helen had to give up her superhero dream, but unlike Bob, she sucks it up for her family and does what needs to be done. And while she is a bit strict, that’s because she’s picking up Bob’s slack. Her family is lucky to have her!

7. Poppa Henry from The Good Dinosaur

Disney / Pixar

He knows full well that Arlo needs to toughen up to survive, and he works endlessly to ready him for the world. Also, he never gives up on teaching Arlo when he struggles. He even dies saving his son! And, later, he gives his son guidance in spirit form! Don’t you just love Mufasa? I mean, Poppa Henry?

6. Eudora from Princess and the Frog


Eudora is kind, nurturing, and raised a great kid (largely on her own after James’s death). And while James's lessons about hard work are important in shaping Tiana, so is Eudora's example as a hardworking seamstress. She can be a slight nag, telling Tiana not to work so hard and doing the whole “When am I getting grandkids?” routine, but she deserves a spot high up on this list.

5. Momma Ida from The Good Dinosaur

Disney / Pixar

Ida is parenting in a very dangerous world, and if that’s not enough, her kids are a bit of a handful. Buck and Libby like to tease and prank, and Arlo needs extra attention. But she gives it to him and the others, and when her husband dies tragically, continues to give it — immediately throwing herself into ensuring her family endures.

4. Mrs. Jumbo from Dumbo


Right away, she shows she has the chops — and heart — to be an awesome mom. When Dumbo is picked on she says, “Not on my watch!” and fights back — and lands in chains because of it. Even so, she manages to comfort her son from solitary confinement by caressing him while singing the tear-inducing song, “Baby Mine.” She and Dumbo are together again at the end, and thank goodness for that!

3. Kala from Tarzan


Kala is a great mom. In the midst of despair over the loss of her son, she risked her life to save Tarzan and then raised him as her own. This wasn’t an easy choice, and she has to constantly fight for Tarzan against everyone, including her own husband. In the end, Tarzan stays in the jungle near mom — if she weren’t so great, you KNOW he’d have hightailed it to the big city.

2. Mufasa from The Lion King


You knew he’d be near the top, didn’t you? And why not? He's Simba's first example of strength, and teaches his son about his place in the world and the importance of every living creature in it ("from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope"). Really, he's an endless well of great fatherly advice ("I'm only brave when I have to be. Being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble.") Later, he dies saving his son, but even that doesn't stop him from coming back from the Great Beyond to dispense even more good advice! Now that’s some good dadding.

1. Mrs. Davis from the Toy Story franchise

Disney / Pixar

The Toy Story movies are, first and foremost, the toys’ stories, but in the background of their stories has always been Mrs. Davis. We don’t know much about her life other than that she’s a single mom struggling to raise two kids, but she’s always there. We watch her throw a birthday party for Andy, suffer through trips to Pizza Planet, take her kids camping, and perform the mundane, everyday tasks of parenting, like holding Molly or nagging Andy to clean his room. The last film in the series — Toy Story 3 — is set a dozen years after the first, but Mrs. Davis is still there dutifully performing the thankless tasks of raising her now-teenage children.

At the end of that film, we see the culmination of the series for the toys: getting a new lease on life when Andy sends them to live with a new child, Bonnie. But that moment was also a climactic one for Mrs. Davis. Like so many real-life parents, she’s sacrificed herself, year in and year out, to make a good human. Andy, in graciously giving away his beloved toys before going off to college, demonstrated the result of her dedication.

Mrs. Davis lives in a world that is more like our own than the usual Disney film, so she never gets the chance to dramatically die saving her son like Mufasa, or to prove her mettle to her daughter after being turned into a bear by witch. All she gets to do is to put in the time, and she does it selflessly and with love.




彼女はシンバを溺愛し、彼が文句を言っても怒ることはありません。しかし正直なところ、最高のお母さんとはいえないのかもしれません。シンバとナラがウォーターホールに行きたがったとき、ナラの母親はサラビよりも疑っているように見えます。時には言うべきです、 「ここで遊びなさい!何かいたずらしようとしてるでしょ。ハイエナに殺されるようなことは絶対させないわよ!」と。

13. 『塔の上のラプンツェル』よりフレデリック王とアリアナ王妃



12. 『ファインディング・ニモ』よりマーリン



11. 『バンビ』よりバンビの母親






9. 『プリンセスと魔法のキス』よりジェームス


彼はたくさんの夢で挫折してしまいましたが、とっても献身的な父親です。彼は娘に料理を教え、欲しい物のために働くということの大切さを教えます。彼らはレストランをオープンするという共通の夢を持ち─ それは彼が亡くなった後でも、ティアナは決して忘れません。ジェームスを手本に、彼女は彼の名誉のため、憧れのレストランを開くまで何年も頑張っています。彼女の絶え間ない愛と感謝は、彼が一流の父親であることを示しています。

8. 『Mr.インクレディブル』よりヘレン・パー




7. 『アーロと少年』よりヘンリー・パパ




6. 『プリンセスと魔法のキス』よりユードラ



5. 『アーロと少年』よりママ



4. 『ダンボ』よりジャンボ


彼女は見るからに素晴らしい母さんだということがわかります。ダンボが人間の子供にいじめられた時、彼女は「そうはさせない!」と言い、応戦します。 そしてそのせいで鎖に繋がれてしまいます。それでも、彼女は、涙を誘う歌である「ベビー・マイン」を歌い、孤独な檻から息子を慰めようとします。


3. 『ターザン』よりカーラ



2. 『ライオン・キング』よりムファサ




1. 『トイ・ストーリー』よりデイビス夫人



2人の子供を育てる母子家庭の母親である、ということ以外、彼女ことはほとんど知りませんが、いつも子供たちに寄り添ういいママでした。私たちは彼女がアンディの誕生日パーティーを開いたり、ピザ・プラネットへの旅行で大変な思いをしたり、子供をキャンプに連れて行ったり、モリーを抱いたりアンディーに部屋をきれいにするようにガミガミ言ったり... こういった日常的な子育ての仕事をしているのを見ています。シリーズ最後の映画『Toy Story 3』では、最初の作品から十二年後の様子が描かれていますが、ここでもデイビス夫人は十代の子供たちを育てるという重大な務めを果たしました。


デイヴィス夫人は、通常のディズニー映画に比べ、実際に近い世界に住んでいるので、ムファサのように息子を救うために劇的に死ぬことは決してありません。また、魔女によってクマに変身させられた後、娘に勇気を証明することもありません。 デイヴィス夫人がすることは、ただ時間を費やすだけ。ありったけの愛情をたっぷりこめて。