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Appleの新絵文字「足の裏」が登場!? でも、リアリティがないという声が多数


iOS 12.1配布で、Appleから新たに158種類の絵文字が追加されました。

✨📱 iOS 12.1 📱✨ 🗓 Release date: October 30, 2018 📝 New Emojis: 158

足フェチ歓喜! 158種類の中にはこんな足や、こんな足も!

New in iOS 12.1: 🦶 Foot


Apple / Screenshot



Y’all overthink diversity and inclusion like shit. Who got a black ass bottom on their foot?


Doing too much - if the bottom of your foot is black you should be visiting your doctor.


Y'all just going to admit you don't know what black people's feet look like?



There’s no emoji showing the top of a foot so the only way too make a foot for everybody is to make the entire foot black. Twitter be turning everything into a problem



toe in mouth emoji next pls


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