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1. 社会的距離を保つのが大事って、今朝のニュースで言ってたからさ…

2. おい、猫!あんたも写りなさいよ


3. 自撮りっていうの?嫌いなんだよね〜

4. 小さいお友達ができたんだ

This is Milo. He’s the butterfly king. Has ruled benevolently in this garden for many years. 14/10 (IG: milo_the_toller)


5. 見て!ご主人様に買ってもらった

marcelo quiere presumir su pulserita nueva


6. 穴掘りに疲れたから、ちっと休憩

We only rate dogs. This is a meteorite that has fallen from a clearly superior part of the galaxy. Please only send dogs. Thank you... 14/10


7. 水が怖いんだよぉおお、ご主人様


Why he make that sound? #fyp #dogmom #momlife #bulldog

♬ original sound - dabbiepoe


8. 家族を助けるなんて当たり前でしょ?

We tested smoke detectors yesterday. She heard the alarms and ran up the stairs, made it past the dog gate, and frantically searched every room looking for all of us. She would not calm down until she could check every room. She has never been trained to do this, but she still tried to rescue us. from aww


9. みんな友達だから

10. 車の駐車なら任せて

This is Frisco. He’s the valet. If you wouldn’t mind putting it in bark and leaving the keys inside he’ll take care of everything. 13/10 would tip well



11. 将来は有望なバスケ選手かな〜

Check out this good boy rebounding for his hooman. Dogs, bruh...


12. 好きな人は匂いで分かるんだよ

At 15 her eyesight isn’t great so she needs a little sniff before she recognises me. :)


13. ようこそ、楽園へ🐶


Good morning! #sawneedogs #fyp

♬ original sound - sawneedogs

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