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    14 Dog Posts From This Week That You'll Probably Wanna Show To Your Dog

    Care for some doggage?

    1. This week, Marcelo here showed off his new bracelet!!!!!!!!!!

    marcelo quiere presumir su pulserita nueva

    2. This pittie proved to be so photogenic that it's almost offensive:

    3. Milo here ruled 😌 benevolently 😌 in 😌 this 😌 garden 😌:

    This is Milo. He’s the butterfly king. Has ruled benevolently in this garden for many years. 14/10 (IG: milo_the_toller)

    4. This UPS driver proved to be King of the Pups!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. He wait:

    6. We fell in love with ALL of these guys!!!!!!!!!

    7. This meteorite crashed into the Earth and then proceeded to take a lil' nap:

    We only rate dogs. This is a meteorite that has fallen from a clearly superior part of the galaxy. Please only send dogs. Thank you... 14/10

    8. This guy said "I HAVE NÖÕDLÊ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    9. This pupper proved to be THE 👏 MOST 👏 HEROIC!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    10. This golden family did what they needed to do to get The Shot™:

    they wanted her to be in the picture so bad 🥺

    11. Frisco here was a Very Goob™ valet:

    This is Frisco. He’s the valet. If you wouldn’t mind putting it in bark and leaving the keys inside he’ll take care of everything. 13/10 would tip well

    12. This dogini played some b-ball!!!!!!!

    Check out this good boy rebounding for his hooman. Dogs, bruh...

    13. JUST 😭💖😭💖😭💖😭💖😭!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At 15 her eyesight isn’t great so she needs a little sniff before she recognises me. :)

    14. And lastly, here's a brief glimpse into heaven for ya!!!