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1. サメに食べられる『リトル・マーメード』のアリエル

Someone dressed as Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" with fake blood coming out of their side and a stuffed shark attached to them

2. 『ムーラン』の仲人さん

Someone dressed as the Matchmaker with their makeup running down their face

3. 『ラマになった王様』のキャラクターたち

People dressed as the characters, with Kronk carrying Yzma on their shoulders

4. 『ダンボ』のダンボ

Someone in all gray while wearing big elephant ears and a fake trunk

5. 『アナと雪の女王』のオラフ

Someone dressed as a snowman

6. 『美女と野獣』のガストンとベル

Two people dressed as Belle and Gaston

7. 『ピノキオ』のゼペットじいさんとピノキオ

One person dressed as a puppet with strings attached to the handler

8. 『カールじいさんの空飛ぶ家』のラッセルとカール

Two people dressed as a Boy Scout and an old man

9. 『カールじいさんの空飛ぶ家』のケヴィン

Someone dressed in a colorful DIY bird costume

10. 『カールじいさんの空飛ぶ家』の家

Someone dressed as the colorful house from "Up" with balloons attached to them

11. テープで作った『トイ・ストーリー』のバズ・ライトイヤー

Person standing with hands on hips in purple tights, green-and-white socks, and cape

12. リロ&スティッチ

Two people dressed as Lilo and Stitch in Hawaiian print and a blue mask

13. 『ナイトメアー・ビフォア・クリスマス』のキャラクターたち

A group of people dressed in homemade "Nightmare Before Christmas" character outfits

14. 『インサイド・ヘッド』のイカリとヨロコビ

Someone wearing a blue wig and yellow dress, and another wearing a giant, angry red head

15. 『グーフィー・ムービー ホリデーは最高!!』のパワーライン

Someone in a yellow onesie dressed as Powerline

16. ディズニーヴィランズ

One person with blue makeup as Hades and another with bronze as Scar

17. 『プリンセスと魔法のキス』のシャーロット

Someone in a giant pink dress as Charlotte

18. 『101匹わんちゃん』のクルエラ・ド・ヴィル

Someone wearing a fake fur coat as Cruella de Vil

19. 『ピーター・パン』のピーターと彼の影

Someone dressed as Peter Pan, and another wearing all black dressed as its shadow


この記事は英語から翻訳・編集しました。  翻訳:アシュウェル英玲奈