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1. ピッタリって気持ちいい

What do you say about this from Perfectfit


2. 牛とアーモンドが完全に一致することって、なかなか無いと思うんですよ

Found in a local supermarket from Perfectfit


3. なので、ストレス溜まっている人は

I was gonna buy a new desk......maybe not now from Perfectfit


4. 「ピッタリ」でも見てスッキリしてください

The Way My Truck Supports My Fat Ass from Perfectfit


5. こんな快感、他にはありません

Any smaller and my stroopwaffle wouldn't fit atop my coffee, but if it was any bigger it wouldn't evenly heat. from Perfectfit


6. みてください、この笑顔。そりゃそうなりますよ

Went to a restaurant and I tried to get out of someone’s way and realized this nook was perfect for me from Perfectfit


7. さてはその髪型、確信犯だな

This oval picture frame. from Perfectfit


8. こっちも確信犯

Commentators wrist/cuff completes Dustin Johnson’s head from Perfectfit


9. なんか心洗われる〜

Bought this storage box for our seat cushions thinking it was more than big enough, this is every cushion. from Perfectfit


10. 明日から頑張ろうっと

The complete works of Charles Dickens. from Perfectfit