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    27 Unbelievable Photos Of Things That Fit So Perfectly, It Hurts

    Sometimes things just work out.

    1. This longboard that looks like it was designed specifically to fit in this trunk:

    The way my longboard fits into the compartment in my trunk. from Perfectfit

    2. This Goldfish cracker that fits perfectly into this toddler's ear:

    One of the stranger perfect fits from Perfectfit

    3. The jug of popcorn kernels that fits into this box like *chef's kiss*:

    Amazon on their A game. from Perfectfit

    4. This car that the sun is going to shine on no matter what:

    God has chosen this vehicle from Perfectfit

    5. This woman who found a nook made just for her:

    Went to a restaurant and I tried to get out of someone’s way and realized this nook was perfect for me from Perfectfit

    6. These two cartons of milk that go together perfectly (and hilariously):

    Found in a local supermarket from Perfectfit

    7. These shoes that blend into the escalator grids:

    These shoes from Perfectfit

    8. This picture frame that perfectly fits this throwback kids haircut:

    This oval picture frame. from Perfectfit

    9. This cookbook that — when leaned against this shelf — makes it look exactly as if Gordon Ramsay is watching you cook:

    u/Muse_22 / Via

    10. This orange slice that fit in a glass so well, it didn't let a drop of beer fall below it:

    Hubby tossed in an orange slice before pouring the beer and didn't notice the fit until the beer wouldn't fit into the glass. It sat like that for a while without leaking to the bottom, so we eventually broke the seal so we could get on with more important things, like drinking the beer. from Perfectfit

    11. This omelet that just happened to fit every inch of this plate:

    My omelette du fromage accidentally fits my plate from Perfectfit

    12. This box of cannelloni that didn't, in fact, come with this tray:

    This entire box of 24 cannelloni in a glass tray from Perfectfit

    13. These computers + this random crate = perfect:

    All computers of the entire office fit perfectly into the random crate we use for moving stuff from Perfectfit

    14. This stroopwafel and coffee that are a marriage made in foodie heaven:

    Any smaller and my stroopwaffle wouldn't fit atop my coffee, but if it was any bigger it wouldn't evenly heat. from Perfectfit

    15. This sarcophagus someone bought at a yard sale without measuring it, and then got it home and found that it fit in this alcove like a glove:

    Someone on my yard sale group bought this sarcophagus without measuring and found themselves with a perfect fit. from Perfectfit

    16. This keyboard that looks like it was made just for this desk's dimensions:

    I was gonna buy a new desk......maybe not now from Perfectfit

    17. This moving crew's unbelievable skill:

    Loading like this takes skill, vision, and teamwork in the moving world. Mad respect to those that take pride in their work from Perfectfit

    18. This box of cheesy bread that looks as if it was made specifically to fit in this car:

    The Way My Truck Supports My Fat Ass from Perfectfit

    19. This vacuum that — holy cow! — fits right into this nook in the wall:

    What do you say about this from Perfectfit

    20. These floorboards in Ikea bags that seamlessly fit into this person's truck bed:

    The way these floorboards fit in ikea bags and how 15 of them fit perfectly in our trailer. from Perfectfit

    21. This hotel's toiletries that fit so incredibly in this drawer that it'd be a shame to use any of them:

    Finally, a hotel that understands from Perfectfit

    22. This mattress that could just as easily be this closet's door:

    Doors are overrated from Perfectfit

    23. This sportscaster whose arm and cuff look just like the top of Dustin Johnson's head:

    Commentators wrist/cuff completes Dustin Johnson’s head from Perfectfit

    24. This can that fits so perfectly into the bottom of a crosswalk sign that it'll stay there:

    u/amullfilms / Via

    25. These outdoor seat cushions that all fit into this storage box without an inch to spare:

    Bought this storage box for our seat cushions thinking it was more than big enough, this is every cushion. from Perfectfit

    26. The complete works of Charles Dickens that seem to have been written to fit seamlessly on this windowsill:

    The complete works of Charles Dickens. from Perfectfit

    27. And this truck that — whoa, nelly! – is juuuuust barely fitting through this tunnel:

    This truck in a tunnel from Perfectfit

    HT: r/Perfectfit.

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