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    27 Unbelievable Photos Of Things That Fit So Perfectly, It Hurts

    Sometimes things just work out.

    1. This longboard that looks like it was designed specifically to fit in this trunk:

    2. This Goldfish cracker that fits perfectly into this toddler's ear:

    3. The jug of popcorn kernels that fits into this box like chef's kiss:

    4. This car that the sun is going to shine on no matter what:

    5. This woman who found a nook made just for her:

    6. These two cartons of milk that go together perfectly (and hilariously):

    7. These shoes that blend into the escalator grids:

    8. This picture frame that perfectly fits this throwback kids haircut:

    9. This cookbook that — when leaned against this shelf — makes it look exactly as if Gordon Ramsay is watching you cook:

    10. This orange slice that fit in a glass so well, it didn't let a drop of beer fall below it:

    11. This omelet that just happened to fit every inch of this plate:

    12. This box of cannelloni that didn't, in fact, come with this tray:

    13. These computers + this random crate = perfect:

    14. This stroopwafel and coffee that are a marriage made in foodie heaven:

    15. This sarcophagus someone bought at a yard sale without measuring it, and then got it home and found that it fit in this alcove like a glove:

    16. This keyboard that looks like it was made just for this desk's dimensions:

    17. This moving crew's unbelievable skill:

    18. This box of cheesy bread that looks as if it was made specifically to fit in this car:

    19. This vacuum that — holy cow! — fits right into this nook in the wall:

    20. These floorboards in Ikea bags that seamlessly fit into this person's truck bed:

    21. This hotel's toiletries that fit so incredibly in this drawer that it'd be a shame to use any of them:

    22. This mattress that could just as easily be this closet's door:

    23. This sportscaster whose arm and cuff look just like the top of Dustin Johnson's head:

    24. This can that fits so perfectly into the bottom of a crosswalk sign that it'll stay there:

    25. These outdoor seat cushions that all fit into this storage box without an inch to spare:

    26. The complete works of Charles Dickens that seem to have been written to fit seamlessly on this windowsill:

    27. And this truck that — whoa, nelly! – is juuuuust barely fitting through this tunnel:

    HT: r/Perfectfit.