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1. 2匹の心はいつも一緒

Perfectly cozy, curled up cats from oddlysatisfying


2. どうやって食べようか…

My pretty stack of mini pancakes from oddlysatisfying


3. 右と左で別世界…!

A single fallen tree holding back the Duckweed in the wetlands of Louisiana from oddlysatisfying


4. スケートリンクよりもツルッツルな表面

After several attempts I finally got my lemon cheesecake and I am very satisfied with the result! from oddlysatisfying


5. 絶妙なフィット感

[OC] Went for a walk with my boyfriend and was pleasantly surprised how this drain fit perfectly from oddlysatisfying


6. まさかのシンクロ

Perfect Resemblance Between Parrot and Mango. from oddlysatisfying


7. 芸術だ…

Beautiful apple carving from oddlysatisfying


8. ミニチュアかと思ったよ…!

Piano cake. Unbelievable to look at. Very talented Chef. from nextfuckinglevel


9. 絶妙な水圧加減

The way this stream of water flows straight into the hole is oddly satisfying. from oddlysatisfying


10. パカって開けたら帽子も取れる、みたいな

m'lady satisfy sir oddlyfying from oddlysatisfying

11. 多分コップが「絶対触るなよ?わかったな?絶対だぞ!」って言ってる

Friend made this perfect pour on accident from HydroHomies


12. 犬が一瞬透明になったかと思った

The way this doggo’s fur lines up with the water from oddlysatisfying


13. こんなところにいたら、リアル「ねこふんじゃった」だよ

The way this cat blends into the wood from oddlysatisfying


14. 全巻買い揃えたくなっちゃうやつ

Book series’ with spines like these from oddlysatisfying

15. ランプの魔人が出てきそう

The way my $5 thrift store coffee pot cleaned up (trying again because I apparently don't know how to Reddit) from oddlysatisfying


16. お!蓋に付いてない〜完璧!

My yogurt lid came out immaculate from oddlysatisfying